‘Stefanski’ Shows Smart Leadership In A Stellar Season

CLEVELAND, Ohio – WJW) – ” the first half was amazing.”

Former Cleveland returner Greg Pruitt saw the Browns eliminate the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on Sunday, as stunned as the rest of the sports world.

Both teams went into the game 8-3, but the Titans were the heavy favorite.

It was a world of differences since 2019, when they arrived in Cleveland and inflicted a painful 43-13 loss at the start of the season.

For the Browns, a lot has changed during that time. Especially a new head coach Kevin Stefanski.

“Great match,” Pruitt said of Stefanski’s performance on Sunday.

The first head coach didn’t just lead the Browns to a winning season. He pushed them to a playoff-caliber season.

During a season that has been challenged by COVID-19, virtual meetings and injuries for key players, Stefanski led the team with a calm hand.

He takes responsibility in Postgame interviews on how to start better with him, and his behavior has clearly impacted the tone of the team.

“We have to finish better, and it starts with me, 100 percent,” quarterback Baker Mayfield said after the game.

Stefanski talks about the 1-0 every week, and you hear the other players repeat that message.

“We’re only hoping for the 1-0 after next Monday,” DE Myles Garrett said after the game.

RB Nick tschubb says, Stefanski be aggressive in his game.

“He told us he would be aggressive, and that was him. We had a few trick games, and we were on the fourth for them to go down no matter what. Whatever he says, he sticks with it, ” Chubb said.

“Almost perfect,” Pruitt said on FOX 8 of the Browns ‘ performance.

“Good teams win games that they should, and they beat some of the teams that people don’t expect, and that’s where the Browns are right now,” Pruitt said.

“We’re going to win Baltimore or Pittsburgh,” Pruitt predicted.

LB Mack Wilson will be assessed after Sunday’s game because of a concussion.

The Cleveland Browns (9-3) will host the Baltimore Ravens (6-5) in a Monday Night football game at FirstEnergy Stadium in a week’s time.

Kick-off is Monday, December 14 at 20: 15.

They played with the Giants, Jets and finished the regular season with the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers

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