New Statement For ‘Cleveland Browns’ : Good Game With A Bad Ending

CLEVELAND, Ohio-WJW) – the Cleveland Browns didn’t come back with the win, but they showed they deserved their place in a Primetime Show.

The football game on Monday night at FirstEnergy Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens was a matter of the highest score, which has shown the people who N ‘did not have the attention, Cleveland n ‘More’ a factory of sadness.”

The Browns lost 47-42 in an AFC North game that had a combined 12 touchdowns and nearly 900 yards of offense.

Lamar Jackson showed why he was the league’S MVP in titles, especially after an illness with COVID-19.

“He probably had one of his best games of the Year last night, unfortunately,” shared Greg Pruitt, former back of the Browns.

Many Cleveland injuries last night were self-inflicted.

“He’s going to haunt you,” Pruitt said Monday on FOX 8.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski is ready to separate these mistakes to correct them.

“We made mistakes, really from me to the coaches to the players to attack, defense and special teams. We just weren’t clean enough to beat a good Team, and that’s disappointing,” Stefanski said after the game.

Pruitt felt that the Browns would have relied more on the racing game.

“We should have relied more on Chubb and Hunt,” Pruitt said of running back Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

While Browns fans could be proud, Stefanski says he’s not there to lead this Team to moral victories.

“We lost. We have beat. Proud of the guys and how they fought – I really am – but I’m just looking at all the mistakes we’ve made and we need to correct them,” he said.

Stefanski’s focus on improving from week to week kept the Browns 9-4 in the playoff hunt.

“I know we can do better,” Stefanski said.

The Browns will hold it in prime time with a short week.

They play the Giants on Sunday.

Kick-off is at 8: 20 pm

“It’s not the same Cleveland Browns,” Pruitt said.


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