Game Update: Fans Still Allowed @ ‘FirstEnergy Stadium’

CLEVELAND (WJW) – thousands of howling football fans watched Sunday’s Browns game at FirstEnergy Stadium despite local notices for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

“I’m here to watch football,” said young Browns fan Rynell Taylor, Jr.

“Minimal amount, but at the end of the day we’re here to play football, the season continues, covid restrictions, but hey, we here man Daw Dawg Pound,” said his father, Rynell Taylor, Sr.Cleveland football fans braved the weather and the rising Coronavirus pandemic, on Sunday, to see how the Browns beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

Up to 12,000 fans were allowed to participate in the game. Due to state limits on the capacity of the stadium, thousands of others were forced to watch from home.

“I’m grateful to be here for this short time anyway,” said another Browns fan.

Also participating in the game, many Fans of the Eagles who traveled to Cleveland from Pennsylvania.

“I’m glad it’s not a full stadium, but I think when I’m wearing masks and six feet apart, I think everything will be fine,” Eagles fan Natalie Martinez said.

“We’re actually sitting all the way, so it’s probably just the two of us, but you know what, it’s good to see fans here, I think they’re doing a very good job with everything so far,” said Noam Cohen, Fan of the Eagles.

“I want to remind everyone how important it is that everyone wears a mask at all times in the stadium, we all have a role in keeping ourselves safe,” Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield said in a PSA released by the Team on Saturday.

In a statement on the fact d “still allow the fans in the game, the officials in Cleveland said they also reminded fans to stay by wearing masks until six feet l “A ” L” other L ” inside the stadium.

“In addition, the known Fan groups under the FirstEnergy Stadium restart plan are limited to eight or fewer people,” they said.

“If you have attended a football game, if you have gone to the stadium, you will see that you have made great efforts to protect people, to place people, to make sure that when you bring so many people together, they are safe,” Armond Budish, head of Cuyahoga County, said at a press conference.

County Health Commissioner Terry Allan said the city of Cleveland was deciding on the regulations for the stadium, which is under the city’S jurisdiction.

“It’s weird, but it’s still a Browns game, it’s always great,” said Caleb Sims, a Browns fan.

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