Cleveland Browns Lost To The Baltimore Ravens

CLEVELAND (WJW) — the Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night in the first playoff quarterfinal of the North American NBA basketball league.

For the kickoff at 8: 15 a.m. in prime time, the Browns got the ball first and kept rolling on the field. Nick Chubb scored the game’s first touchdown. And the Browns were 7-0.

The Ravens were able to respond with their own touchdown and score points.

In the second quarter, Cody Parkey failed to score a 39-yard field goal and the score remained zero. But Baltimore finally managed to score a touchdown and the score went to 7-14.

Myles Garrett left the game with an injury. He was evaluated, but the Browns said he would likely return to the game.

Nick Chubb came through a nice touchdown for the Browns in a big way again. The result is now tied 14-14.

In the 2-minute warning, Browns explained with the ball but were not able to keep up with it. Ravens got the ball with about a minute left. Baltimore was able to score, making it 14-21.

And the teams are back and moving into the second half, with the Baltimore Ravens easily scoring a touchdown immediately and making the score 14-28. But luckily, the Browns got an answer with a touchdown from Kareem Hunt, but Parkey missed the extra point. The score is now 20-28.

However, Baltimore got a turnover against Baker Mayfield and had a touchdown that made it 20-34. The Browns then blocked the extra point. There, the result remained until the fourth quarter.

Mayfield was able to pitch Rashard Higgins for a major touchdown for the Browns. The result is now 28-34 after an exciting two-point conversion.

Baltimore QB lamar Jackson is now with muscle cramps, the NFL reported, and Trace McSorley is in.

With one of the game’s biggest plays, Baker Mayfield ran into the touchdown, scoring 34-34 points. Parkey also got that extra point and gave the Browns a one-point lead.

McSorley was injured, but Jackson returned to the Baltimore sideline and then back to the game to score quickly. The Browns were caught while looking into the backfield and did not observe the catcher. With a two-point conversion, the score is now 35-42.

Hunt scored for Cleveland, and the score tied 42-42.

However, the Ravens scored a field goal and the score was 42-45. the game ended with the Ravens leading the Browns 47-42.

First impressions can certainly be lasting, but that wasn’t the case for the 2020 Cleveland Browns. The teams ‘ return game this season shows that two teams are moving in the opposite direction.

“Opinions from the outside are neither positive nor negative,” Brown center JC Tretter said. “If someone wants to come and tell us that we are the best team in the world, it doesn’t mean anything if you are between the white lines.”

The Browns have won four straight games and five of their last six and find themselves on the brink of a playoff berth for the first time in 18 years. Much of that credit goes to quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has looked like a very different quarterback over the past six games.

“As coaches, we try to adapt to the strengths of our players,” Kevin Stefanski said. “So I hope we play better offensively than we did at the start of the season. and that’s what we need to keep doing, and I think Baker is going for it.”

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