Browns Optimistic – Playoffs Hopes In Jets Game

CLEVELAND-WJW) – with 10 wins and four losses, the Cleveland Browns have their best record in 14 games since returning to the League in 1999. The last time the Browns were 10-4, 1994, Denzel Ward, a native of Cleveland, was not even born.

“We make our record, but we have to finish the season in force, and as you said, take it one game at a time. Now focus on the next game and start again,” Browns midfielder Denzel Ward said.

This was the Browns ‘ attitude all season, one game, one opponent at a time, and now a win on Sunday might be enough to land a Playoff spot for the Browns for the first time since 2002.

“Right now, we have a 10-4 card, and that’s all we’ve won, so we need to prepare to face a good Jets Team that’s won a big win, “said the Browns’ halfback Karl Joseph.

The Browns can reach a Playoff spot if they beat the Jets, and the Colts lose to Pittsburgh, the Dolphins lose or equal the Las Vegas Raiders and or the Ravens lose or equal the New York Giants. Don’t expect Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski to look at the scoreboard.

“I’m going to look at the dashboard of the Browns and Jets,” Stefanski said.

Beating the Jets won’t be a cake walk, New York will pick up the game on Sunday with a little bragging rights after beating the 9-4 L. A. Rams on the road on Sunday to their first win of the season.

“We can’t look at them as a lesser Team, or we’re going to go and get punched in the mouth, so we have to prepare and pretend it’s a Playoff game for us,” Joseph said.

The Browns have not won a Playoff game since 1994, another step the team would like to take this year if they can reach the Playoffs. But first one game at a time. It’s only the eighth time the Browns have won 10 games in a season since the 1970 merger. Sunday’s game against the Jets starts at 1 p.m.

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