WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Matches, Predictions & Interpretation

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"My whole world has turned upside down". So I don't. Somehow Randy won and no one is surprised.

Well maybe that's not entirely true.

There were plenty of things that WWE got wrong last night, but why get bogged down in the negatives?

Shane McMahon lost in the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell 2017.

In the single's match, thereafter, Randy Orton defeated Rusev to maintain his winning streak. A table came into play in the cell, as Owens attempted a cannonball off the apron, though Shane moved and Owens caught the brunt of it.

This was the biggest surprise of the night, at least in terms of the victor.

But oddly enough, it's not the stunt itself that people are still talking about. Both McMahon and Owens made full use of the cage.

We learned years ago that Shane McMahon is not afraid of heights.

Kevin Owens is such a tremendous bad guy. Owens would be unsuccessful in his bid for the United States Title, but instead of admitting that Styles was the better man inside the squared circle, he blamed McMahon for his loss. This match wasn't on the level of there NXT matches but the story worked for me and I'm sure the ending is leading to something.

What I like most about the match was how creative the teams were. That's why New Day with weapons always gets me hyped up. I know I'll be watching. While they are not that incendiary, "they've been a poor mercy attempt in desperation to get the people to care, similar to when a horror film isn't truly frightening and it resorts to gore and jump scares".

There were so many sequences to get excited about.

The Usos however, are able to dispose of E, which leaves them two-on-one with a still-handcuffed Xavier Woods.

The match was innovative, violent and so much fun to watch.

However you feel about wrestling, McMahon shows an unreal amount of dedication to his job, but I guess if your dad is legendary Vince McMahon then that's going to happen, isn't it? Mojo broke up the pin, but got tossed from the ring. They did a really nice job of working those silly items in while maintaining the intensity of the match. Randy Orton vs. Rusev was boring.

-Bobby Roode beat Dolph Ziggler, but it wasn't quite as clean as some would have thought. Charlotte vs. Natalya was clearly the first of what will be a long series of matches. WWE fans are getting behind her as the top female babyface on SmackDown Live, but she needs to build loyalty.

The other meh match at Hell in a Cell 2017 was the WWE Title match between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura. Anybody else see a pattern here? I mean, he is pretty much great at everything he does. Please, end this soon. Among them will be a tag team title bout as well as a possible epic clash featuring "SmackDown" Commissioner #Shane Mcmahon against superstar Kevin Owens.

WWE tours India in December, so it makes sense that Mahal keeps the championship until then.

While Corbin is outside the ring, AJ Styles hits Tye Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm. But when it looked as if Undertaker had Michaels right where he wanted him, Kane shocked the audience by making his first-ever appearance, ripping the cage door off its hinges and hitting the Undertaker with his own finishing move.

It's been widely speculated that Natalya will be dropping the title in this match to Charlotte, who only recently switched from the RAW faction of the WWE to the SmackDown division.

This was every bit as good as you would expect. The shocking moment of the match was when Sami Zayn intervened to help Owens pick up victory.

Well that wraps it up for Hell in a Cell.