US says it welcomes Mexico's aid to Puerto Rico

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Editor's Note: This is the third part of a series tracking how cities are recovering from the damages of hurricanes, like Harvey and Maria - and planning for future disasters.

A spokesperson with Springfield Public Schools said they are also preparing for more students to come.

Buchanan says she is also looking to adopt a family for the holiday season. Hospitals on the islands have been identified as condemned. Maria has been documented as the worst natural disaster in Dominica's recorded history, with the majority of buildings on the island completely destroyed and more than 50 people still missing. Torres added while they're OK, but he knows plenty are not. Over the weekend, he advised staffers to stick to "the general theme of supporting the governor and standing with the people of Puerto Rico". It's what we all expect, and should expect, as citizens of this nation. "We have students willing to help and mentor", she said.

Perkins still intends to go home for Christmas this year.

"It's a small island dealing with a massive problem", she said. Or who got sick from lack of clean water? They want to ship a 20-foot container of supplies to St. Croix.

He's packing up hundreds of bags of food, water and medical supplies along with solar/crank-powered devices that function as a flashlight, siren, radio and phone charger.

Some schools participating in the in-state tuition rates for Puerto Rican students include Florida State University, the University of Florida, and the University of Central Florida as well as dozens more state colleges and universities.

Puerto Rico is slated to run out of money October 31, at which point the government will shut down, including all of the island's relief efforts, the nation's Treasury Secretary Raul Maldonado said Wednesday.

There may be differing opinions about what the US should do about Puerto Rico's debt, but there can not be two opinions about hurricane relief.

Several people who heard Pence speak said they were pleased, and that his words made them feel that the trying to help rebuild Puerto Rico.

Despite the devastation, Camacho said some are choosing to stay on the island.