Puerto Rico Officials 'Want Everything To Be Done For Them'

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Still, Trump hammered Cruz for her "poor leadership ability.and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help".

"I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying", Carmen Yulin Cruz, San Juan's mayor, said Friday morning.

It also doesn't help that Trump appears convinced that everything is going just fine over in Puerto Rico based on nothing. "Puerto Rico was totally destroyed".

President Trump took to Twitter early Saturday to lash out at the mayor of San Juan after she criticized federal recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria. "Please step up and help!"

After the POTUS criticized the mayor of San Juan, Yulin Cruz, as well as other officials from Puerto Rico, numerous stars above came out to defend those in the nation. "I wasn't saying anything nasty about the president".

Damage from the hurricane in La Perla of San Juan, Puerto Rico. And whatever the federal government is doing now, a Post report on Friday pointed out that the White House was slow to understand and respond to the crisis. Criticism of federal relief efforts continues to intensify as numerous supplies that have been delivered to the island remain out of the hands of the communities that need them. The organization has a long history with Puerto Rico.

Trump's comments drew swift condemnation on the mainland. At one point, the president urged Puerto Ricans without food, water or electricity not to "believe the Fake News!"

The Mayor emerged and told us what had happened supported her plea for help to stop people dying - the comments that so annoyed Mr Trump.

"I will never forget it", Miranda, who has family ties to Puerto Rico, tweeted about Trump's Twitter rants.

Trump is planning to visit the USA territory on Tuesday. "I don't have a auto and I need the transportation", said bus passenger Wilson Rivera.

Trump said U.S. military teams and the Federal Emergency Management Agency were doing "amazing work"; he credited the island's governor and others with a "fantastic job", and said those who disagreed were "Fake News or politically motivated ingrates". And that's led to some strong words back from the president.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lady Gaga lead celebrities shaming President Donald Trump for his criticism of leaders and residents of devastated Puerto Rico on Saturday (30Sep17).

This is after accusing the San Juan mayor of poor leadership and being unable to get workers to help the US territory recover. "We are with you and Puerto Rico".

Critics, however, continued to assail Trump's initial response, and rallied around Cruz and the effort to alleviate the disaster, which has left the island reeling.