Mexico City quake: parents wait as rescue workers search collapsed school

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The temblor struck at 1:14 pm (1814 GMT) Tuesday, two hours after a simulation exercise was held to commemorate the powerful magnitude-8.1 natural disaster that struck Mexico City exactly 32 years ago (on September 19, 1985) and left thousands dead in the capital. Almost 100 people died in that quake in southern Mexico, but no fatalities were reported in Mexico City. The destruction revived horrific memories in Mexico of the anniversary of another massive quake in 1985, the deadliest ever.

Rescuers toiled on Thursday to pluck survivors, including Taiwanese workers, from collapsed buildings but the navy said no more children are left trapped in the school at the centre of the rescue operation.

Mexico's disaster services enlisted firefighters, soldiers, police and volunteers to dig Wednesday for people trapped in collapsed buildings after a violent quake shook the country, killing more than 220 people. "The hours that have passed complicate the chances of finding alive or in good health the person who might be trapped".

Three survivors were found about midnight as volunteer rescue teams known as "moles" crawled deep under the rubble.

Foro TV interviewed two girls who said they were doing their English homework as the building began to shake.

Rescuers spotted the child and shouted to her to move her hand if she could hear them, and she did.

At least 225 people across the country have been killed by the quake, which tore down schools, businesses and homes. Mexico's national coordinator for civil protections Luis Felipe Puente tweeted late on Wednesday that the death toll stood at 230.

Disasters like the quake in Mexico have left many across the world looking for their loved ones, and the Red Cross is here to help.

Survivors quickly rallied, clambering over grotesque ruins of buildings and joining professional rescue workers to try to save friends, neighbors and strangers. At least 217 people have died in the earthquake's wake and several buildings in the capital have collapsed.