McDonald's promises 'a lot more' Szechuan Sauce will be available this winter

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It turns out the single-day promotion wasn't good enough for fans of the cartoon, as many restaurants ran out of the sauce nearly immediately, finding themselves in the middle of situations that bordered on riots.

McDonald's Szechuan sauce, which was a limited edition condiment tied to the release of Disney's Mulan in 1998, has seen its profile rise thanks to Rick & Morty.

McDonald's now says it will release the sauce - in bulk- this winter.

Fans turned out for the Szechuan Sauce and McDonald's couldn't meet the high demand and eventually ran out.

So, in efforts to make good on their sauce promise, McDonald's said it will release the Szechuan sauce again in the Winter.

After huge backlash following the rollout of a small supply of Szechuan sauce, the limited edition dipping sauce used to promote Mulan in 1998 that Rick and Morty made popular, McDonald's is bringing it back to its restaurants for anyone to purchase. Roiland said that neither he or Adult Swim had anything to do with the promotion, but asked fans not to harangue McDonald's employees. Meanwhile, packets of the sauce are going on eBay for thousands of dollars.

Others, some of whom had waited in long lines for sauce that wasn't ultimately available, chanted "We want sauce!" outside some of the restaurants. Some diehard Rick and Morty enthusiasts even camped out the night before to assure a prime location in line.

But on Saturday, it appeared McDonald's had underestimated just how popular the dipping sauce had become.

McDonald's responded by advertising the sauce's return for one day-October 7-but they didn't provide enough sauce to accommodate the rabid fan base. By pissing them off, McDonald's awakened a sleeping social media giant. The szechuan dipping sauce and special posters were gone in a flash.

What the brand failed to mention, however, was that quantities of the sauce were also limited, reportedly to around 20 units per store. It's an obsession for mad scientist Rick Sanchez on the show.