Locals share their experience from Las Vegas

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An on-duty officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department died in the massacre and two off-duty officers from that department were injured, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo confirmed Monday.

Police said Stephen Paddock was perched in his hotel room with a small arsenal of weapons when he began opening fire on the crowd of 22,000 concertgoers. In the past, American Outdoor even told investors that at times of heightened fears regarding crime and terrorism, demand for guns grows across the country.

"It was a frightful experience, but everybody was helping somebody".

However, McDowell says it's not the process, but the people. "So anything you fire at them, you can't miss because there's what was it, 22,000 people there", Sheridan said.

"We're walking down and we just heard everybody running and we heard the gunshots and everybody is yelling shooter shooter shooter", Dan said. "It was incredibly chaotic", Rodriguez said.

Then-US President Barack Obama was unable to hold back tears as he spoke about the youngest victims of the shootings, and urged Congress to tighten laws.

"Some issues were happening there so we had to give that up, and we ended up at the other corner and had to climb a 10-foot fence", he said. "It was very obvious to me they experienced something very intense and something that had a tremendous impact on them".

"We saw bodies down".

In response to her comment, Kimmel said during the show: 'Well, thank you Sarah, but we have 59 innocent people dead - and it wasn't their time either - so now is the time for political debate'.

We must be courageous enough to withstand the excuses from the gun lobby and supporters in Congress and beyond that "now isn't the time" to talk about gun reform.

"The best way for me to describe it is the old Gatling gun you may remember from the movies using a belt feed for ammunition", said Bill Kucyk, who runs Action Impact Firearms and Gun Range. "I do it because it's a hobby of mine", Buscher said.

"And so today, when the wind blows, his drapes come up and hit my window".

In the days and weeks ahead, it is likely that an America that is polarized in so many ways will retreat to its polar opposite sides on gun violence, which has been the case after every past mass shooting.