Local gun shops compare bump stocks to expensive toys

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"To me, that is part of that same type of process". We don't stock them, we don't sell them, we don't believe in them or like them.

Ellis says that he thinks this is due to a want for people to be able to defend themselves in case they ever find themselves in a risky situation. Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 500. Sadly, it seems they worked. Since 2013, eight states have passed broader, more universal background check laws and nearly half have legislated to keep guns from domestic abusers.

But also count us among the growing chorus of voices who say banning bump stocks is an obvious first step toward more sensible regulations. Banning them should be quick and easy.

"Proposed "bump fire stock" ban is a red herring that would lead to ban of other firearms and accessories", he tweeted. A rifle with a bump stock and a high-capacity magazine that can hold between 60 and 100 rounds and a hand grip that allows a shooter to push the rifle away from the body to bounce, or bump, the weapon into the trigger finger can fire large amounts of automatic-like fire without much concern for accuracy.

But there's at least one problem with that scenario as the NRA and its congressional allies know. The only way to save our Second Amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named Donald Trump, OK? It's the NRA's long-feared slippery slope.

A majority of Americans supports restrictions on guns. "Many members of my caucus are ready to move forward and invite others to support this bill".

"I am sure there will be some debate on it, and then we will go down the road and something else will happen and it will get in the background again", Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) said on whether Congress would actually address gun laws. The fewer the facts, the fewer the questions, the better. Manufacturers and dealers should also be reimbursed for costs of inventory, materials, work in progress and special equipment, as their businesses will be essentially destroyed by new gun control legislation.

Australians turned in 51,000 illegal firearms after a three-month amnesty that ended Friday, and which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said had helped avert Las Vegas-style mass shootings. Look at Chicago, they say.

In Minnesota, there's a law on the books that specifically bans trigger activators, which speed up a gun's rate of fire. But the issue has become politically partisan.

Co-owner James Mitchell said the device is not conducive to accuracy.

Her comments come after The New York Times unearthed a slew of allegations against Weinstein on Thursday from various women including actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. Experts give that a 6.5 rating, too. The Pew Research Center has polled gun owners, of whom, gulp, 54 percent support creating a federal database for tracking gun sales.

Automatic weapons such as machine guns have been banned in the US since 1986.

Bump stocks are like shouting fire in a crowded theater - unsafe and unnecessary.

But the talking, that's something different. "They've got a bill written already".

Dave Kopel, a gun law expert and gun rights advocate, said it was possible that the ATF might be able to reconsider the decision, but that such a reversal might be tricky.