Democrats push for ban on "bump stocks"

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The shooter reportedly modified semi-automatic weapons with "bump stocks," attachments that allow guns to fire faster and act more like automatic weapons.

"I am not only supporting it, I have joined in legislation with Senator Feinstein and I announced just literally moments ago, legislation that would ban bump stocks", Blumenthal said.

On Wednesday, more than two-dozen Democratic lawmakers moved to ban bump stocks through the bill Feinstein introduced.

Police found 12 bump stocks in the Mandalay Bay hotel room from which the gunman shot, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more, making for one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history.

Feinstein, who in 1994 authored the federal Assault Weapons Ban, with a 10-year horizon, is among the high-profile California Democrats who have called for tighter gun control laws following Sunday's mass shooting.

Only one Republican, as of Wednesday afternoon, has called for an outright ban of bump stocks. While the NRA might have been able to stop bump stocks legislation, its thumbs-up certainly increases the odds of passing something and gives Republicans greater berth to consider it.

Lesser does not recall bump stocks being discussed when he helped change CT gun laws into some of the toughest nationwide following the school shooting in Sandy Hook. The stock uses the recoil effect to bounce the rifle off the shooter's shoulder and "bump" the trigger back into the trigger finger, thereby firing the weapon repeatedly.

In brief, a bump stock enables a semi-automatic weapon to fire at the rate of an automatic one.

Several Republicans, who typically oppose gun restrictions, signaled openness to the idea.

The AP reports some stores are already seeing increased interest in bump stocks, which were originally meant to help people with disabilities fire guns.

"I think we are on the verge of a breakthrough when it comes to sensible gun policy", Curbelo told reporters Thursday.

"In my view of the world, anything that makes a semi-automatic weapon behave like an automatic weapon ought to also be illegal", Flores said in a Wednesday interview with Texas radio station WTAW.

"While it is too late for the victims in Las Vegas, and the victims in Newtown, and the victims in Charleston and the other awful shootings that we have seen, it is not too late to prevent the next set of innocent Americans from becoming victims", Sanders said.

Bump stocks are legal in America, as are semiautomatic weapons. But bump stock devices, available for about $200 to 350 in most states, can easily make legal guns fire mimic the functionality of a machine gun.

"That is just a huge loophole that allows you to convert a weapon into something that is like an automatic gun", Rep. Dina Titus, a Nevada Democrat, told CNN.

"Look, I didn't even know what they were until this week, and I'm an avid sportsman", the Wisconsin Republican said in a clip of the interview that aired Thursday.