Wind and rain from Hurricane Irma move into South Carolina

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A spokesperson for Florida Power & Light, the state's biggest utility, said recovery from the storm would require a "wholesale rebuild" of the electrical grid. Emergency crews made rescues throughout the night.

"This is a life-threatening situation". "We have got to make sure people understand it is still unsafe".

Irma is moving across the northern half of Florida's peninsula.

Reverse storm surge is maximized when the water is shallow like in bays and the tide is low.

The Category 5 storm tore through the Caribbean and made landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 storm Sunday morning.

Irma hit South Florida on Sunday with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The damage to the state's electrical infrastructure was just one form of devastation left in Irma's wake, as the United States faces its second hurricane catastrophe in as many weeks. "There were a few people that stayed behind in Summerland Key, one man who lost his roof but was okay". The National Weather Service says the flooding has exceeded the previous 1964 flooding caused by Hurricane Dora by at least a foot, as of Monday morning. The five-day hurricane cone of possibility has a wide swath that could see the storm headed toward South Florida or up toward Georgia and SC.

More videos of flooding and wind gusts show how powerful Irma was, even as a Category 3 and 4 storm.

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Post-hurricane storm surge in the Florida Keys was limited and it remains unclear if two reported deaths there were storm-related. He said nearly every mobile home park in the Keys had overturned homes. Winds have snapped power lines and 72 percent of homes there are without electricity, officials say.

The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln arrived on Florida's east coast on Monday, and its helicopters were put to use assessing the damage to the Keys.

Night-time curfews have been imposed in areas such as Miami, where 13 people were arrested on suspicion of looting.

- Disney World was forced to close, for only the sixth time in its 45-year history.

Irma's 914 millibar minimum central pressure was the lowest ever for an Atlantic hurricane outside of the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

He said the storm surge slammed the area, destroying property and spreading debris everywhere.

The city of Jacksonville in northeast Florida ordered urgent evacuations on Monday.

Georgia declares a state of emergency across all counties as tropical storm Irma nears its borders.

State government offices as well as some schools in Georgia will be closed both Monday and Tuesday.