Why should we have to pay for credit reporting firm's blunder?

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Experian's website simply says, "Loading".

If you do this, you will have to lift the freeze before they can provide information to a company inquiring about your credit.

Later, service returned for some users but the fires of outrage had been further stoked.

The Iowa Attorney General's office is urging on Iowans to "act now" following a massive data breach involving the credit reporting company Equifax. If you're not planning to buy a auto, a house, take out a loan anytime soon or open a card at Nordstrom, freeze your credit so no more accounts can be opened in your name.

Losing control over 143 million credit cards would be very bad. However it still charges to freeze and unfreeze reports, which does not require enrolling in TrueIdentity.

You are entitled to a FREE report from each agency at least once per year. In that respect, credit scores based on information from among the three bureaus tend to be fairly similar in most cases. The enrollment process is scheduled over several days to minimize delays, the Equifax website says.

Andrea asked, "If I put a freeze on my credit what does this exactly mean?"

"Five years from now you may get a check for ten dollars as a member of the class".

She says when she called customer service they recommended she try "tomorrow" because it was a "computer glitch".

In Washington, Representative Greg Walden, Republican chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Republican Representative Bob Latta, announced that they had been briefed by Equifax on the breach. Because you'll have to unfreeze it every time someone needs to run a credit check on you. Do you know someone else we should interview for this story? Beyond the legal liabilities this could create, such activities may make the public feel that the privacy and security of their data was not the most important issue for company leadership after discovery of the breach.

Numerous readers said they have had trouble accessing their report at this site and placing freezes with Equifax. Some lenders report information to all three bureaus, while others report to just one or two.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the website that Equifax is advising that customers visit to check whether they've been impacted the recent breach on its systems by is "completely broken" and returning random results for concerned Americans. Potentially stolen data included not only names, addresses and birthdates, but also Social Security and driver's license numbers.

"The big question is whether there are appropriate mail handling procedures at Equifax", New York University law professor Florencia Marotta-Wurgler told NBC News in an email.

A hack of this nature is known as a "zero-day", meaning that this is the first occurrence of a vulnerability in a commonly used program - like Java - and doesn't have a fix yet. There are telemarketing scams on the phone and what we call "phishing" scams on the Internet. "We are working on finding out how many". "We will make changes and continue to strengthen our defenses against cyber crimes", he said. But really-Equifax?! Along with TransUnion and Experian Plc, the company's primary mission is to compile, store and disseminate personal information on customers to creditors who want to know if they are making good loans or not. The company waited until September 7 to reveal the unauthorized access that occurred in mid-May and was discovered on July 29.