Uncertainty continues for DACA recipients in Tucson

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Trump met with top Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi at the White House on Wednesday evening, said on Thursday any final agreement must include significant steps to protect border security including surveillance systems.

Benitez says while she's unsure of the future for DACA, she hopes a proposed bi-partisan 'DREAM Act' comes to fruition.

It now seems pretty clear: DACA will not be terminated but codified, and Trump's strategy on border security is to make deals with a party implacably opposed to all of his campaign promises.

"I think Washington needs to wake up and understand that his is a guy who is going to make the best deal for the country when he can".

Trump's most fervent supporters-including several prominent entertainment-conservatives-insisted that it didn't much matter whether he was a conservative or not.

"Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't try to work something out, but I'm not going to just vote for a bill that just grants wholesale amnesty", he said. But then again, he demonstrated he has no stomach for deporting the dreamers: "Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?"

While Schumer and Trump may have different political ideologies, there is no denying that Schumer's NY personality appeals to the President, while Republicans are having a hard time breaking through to Trump.

"What remains to be negotiated are the details of border security, with a mutual goal of finalizing all details as soon as possible".

"You can not fix DACA without fixing the root cause of our problem".

Right now, and probably briefly, President Donald Trump is more cozy with the Democrats than Republicans. Fifteen percent of Americans would like DACA recipients-commonly referred to as DREAMers (the DREAM Act, or Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, offered numerous same protections as DACA but never passed Congress)-to be deported from the country, but 58 percent say those who meet basic requirements should receive citizenship, according to a Politico poll released earlier this month. "It has to be looked at is what can we do for these people to stay in this country and continue to form their lives here". "We're talking about taking care of people".

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) emphasized that nothing will be solid until it goes through all of Congress and its republican majority.

U.S. Rep. Steven King, R-Iowa, was one of the few in the GOP to convey displeasure about the purported deal, tweeting that Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama "led with amnesty" and "all failed" before arguing that Trump is doing the same. "This is about who we are as Americans".

Ruddy told Melber the deal "absolutely" remained on the table.

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said DACA will end in six months, giving Congress time to find a legislative solution for the immigrants.

DACA recipients are protected from deportation, but they don't now have a path to permanent residency.