Trump vows 'tremendous big' tax cuts for U.S. middle class

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Republicans being unable to pass healthcare reform also puts added pressure on the tax reform push. House Budget Committee Republicans this year offered a plan that would balance the budget within 10 years. Women are 12 points more likely to think the plan will help the wealthy.

The second problem is that the theory - cut taxes on cash-strapped companies so they have money to invest and spur growth - doesn't match reality. "Fights over any of these issues could derail the discussions", the Post reported. But now that Republicans see a huge opportunity to cut taxes, the deficit's not such a big deal. "I believe we will be successful in the largest tax cut in our country's history". Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., is expected to attend.

Independents' higher favorable rating of the Democratic Party (34%) than of the Republican Party (25%) means that the Democratic Party has a more positive image than the GOP among all three groups - political independents, party supporters and party opponents.

With the latest Republican push to overturn Obamacare sputtering in the Senate, Republicans are under mounting pressure to overhaul the USA tax code before year-end. There are new details out today about what Trump and the Republicans will actually propose.

But to do that, Republicans must first pass a budget resolution in both chambers, and they need to get the conservative House Freedom Caucus members on board. Though proponents say tax cuts would stimulate growth to make up for the shortfall, a budget that allows for deficit-increasing tax cuts would depart from years of GOP support for balanced budgets. The Senate budget gives them more flexibility when writing their tax plan, as they won't have to offset every dollar in revenue lost by lower tax rates with another dollar in new revenue gained by eliminating a tax break.

The existing rate is a drag on job creation and economic growth, he's said, and has allowed countries like China to get ahead. That import tax proposal proved too controversial and has been scrapped, making it harder for Republicans to craft a tax proposal without adding a large amount to the government's debt.

Trump's daughter Ivanka and GOP senators such as Marco Rubio, R-Fla., have been pushing the expansion of refundable tax credits to ensure that the working poor get some benefit from this tax deal, too.

Donald Trump, who millions of regular people voted for in hopes he would somehow "drain the swamp", famously vowed not to lower taxes on the rich. Nor did Marc Short, the White House legislative affairs director, during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday".

"We're really talking about a small boost to the economy if tax reform does go through", says Gregory Daco, chief USA economist at Oxford Economics, who participated in the NABE survey out today. "But we'll take a number of things into account".

Trump made his threat as members of the House Ways and Means Committee met Tuesday with the President at the White House to discuss an entirely different topic: tax reform. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Kevin Brady introduced a blueprint past year which detailed their policy goals.

A former Republican congressional aide gave The Wall Street Journal a metaphor that will make sense to anyone who has shopped for a new auto lately: "To fit every policy you want, you need a full-size SUV, but at best you have a midsize crossover ..." The result was bad all around: The top beneficiaries of the law cut more than 20,000 net jobs, slowed their research spending, and spent more on executive compensation and stock buybacks even though the law explicitly said not to.

"We're Republicans", Jordan said.

"We have a non-competitive tax structure right now and we're going to go super competitive", he continued.

While Republicans work to win over their colleagues on the plan, they're continuing internal negotiations over many of its key components.

There is also intensity against Trump: 15 percent said they support Trump's plan strongly while 33 oppose it strongly.