TrueDepth Camera is Holding Back iPhone X Production

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Whatever the reason may be, we now know that the iPhone 8 is certainly not the fastest smartphone in terms of modem speeds. Signs point to limited supplies of the top-end handset, especially with Kuo expecting demand for the iPhone X to be in the 40-50 million unit range. In particular, SquareTrade noted that Apple's devices could be easily repaired (though the new glass back presented new challenges), unlike the Note 8, which is a tedious fix because of multiple, fragile inner cables.

Apple iPhone X is the only iPhone launched so far to sport an OLED display.

An internal analysis of the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular model by teardown specialist iFixit found that the new smartwatch is nearly identical to the second-generation model. But when chief executive Tim Cook introduced the iPhone X at the new state-of-the art Apple headquarters, which reportedly cost $5bn to build, it was also the price that caught people's attention. Even with most people off work, lines for the iPhone 8 over the weekend were tiny. The smartphone features Apple's highest resolution phone display: 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458 pixels per inch density (ppi).

As of September 25, there are no iPhone 7 models on the refurbished page, but it's only a matter of time. Also the phone's whole front is a touch screen; it will feature no home button on the bottom.

I bought one of the nicer Apple Watch Series 2 models a year ago with a metal band and the steel casing, because I liked that it looked more premium than the aluminum sport models.

Given the new all-glass design, the company was particularly interested to see how the new iPhones would perform.

Early examination of the phone showed that the glass is really strong but just how strong remains to be seen, after users worldwide get the phone in their hands and inevitably drop them.

The battle of the smartphones was reignited last week when Apple released its new iPhone 8.

TrueDepth camera may be main production bottleneck of iPhone X ramp.

So some of the iPhone units may actually have the modem, but it would be disabled to maintain uniformity.