The best football player of Iceland announced his retirement

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Autumn is a time when many veterans decide that it's time to hang boots on the prepared nail. There can be a million reasons for this decision, and one of the most popular is the lack of new club. A couple of days ago the fans of the Argentine national team and, above all, "Inter" were left heartbroken by Cambiasso’s decision to finish his career. Nevertheless, betting and odds at the best UK bookmaker  can bring them relief and money.

Today, Eidur Gudjohnsen has followed Cambiasso’s steps. Icelander announced that he was finishing his career. 

His achievements without exaggeration are outstanding, at least for the representative of his country.

It is now Iceland quoted high in European football, at least among the national teams. However, only ten years earlier Iceland was giving a few sensible players for a whole generation. One of those was Arnor Gudjohnsen, the father of Eidur. It was expected that Arnor must train his son very hard. However, without natural talents, Eidur would not stand out like this: at the age of 15 he played for the Valur club's main squad, and the U-19 national team.

The first attempt to break into the European football was PSV. In Eindhoven, Gudjohnsen moved to 1994, in incomplete 16 years. He is considered the winner of the championship, cup and Super Cup of the country, although he played in Holland very short period of time. But, still, he was playing there, including in the Champions League. However, taking advantage of a convenient excuse (a broken leg), the club broke the contract with him.

Perhaps the Netherlands soon regretted this decision- at the end of the twentieth century, Eidur, who turned into a real solid player, was one of the leaders of the "Bolton" - that team reached the cup semi-finals and was a strong middle peasant of the Premier League. The peak was the time in "Chelsea". The Icelander played for the "aristocrats" 6 years and 182 matches only the championship (54 goals), was in the Mourinho team, which took the first championship titles.

In 2006, an already experienced player was taken by "Barcelona", who did not regret to give away 12 million. Initially, they took an invoice Scandinavian as a player of rotation. And he did not fail, although he did not play very much. Eidur won his most significant trophy back then - the Champions League. There were also "gold" and a cup of Spain.

After leaving Barcelona, Gudjohnsen continues to play, although he did not stay there for long. He returned without success to England (Fulham, Stoke, Tottenham, Bolton), tried himself at Monaco, AEK, Brugge, Molde, one of the first who went to China ("Ever Bright "), and last fights spent in India, for "Puna City ". It seems that he was ready to join Chapecoense, but it did not work out.

Eidur had very specific relations with the national team. He (in the first matches together with his father, by the way) tried to save his team, when it was still, if not an outsider, then a rather weak middle peasant. When the "ice" began to rise, Gudjohnsen was already old, although sometimes he helped the team. Out of respect, a 37-year veteran was taken to Euro-2016, but there he only came out a couple of times to replace players, for a couple of minutes. As a result - 88 games and a record 26 goals.