Rihanna piles pressure on President Trump to help hurricane hit Puerto Rica

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USA -flagged ships have moved massive amounts of water, food, generators and other donated goods to the island, Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert pointed out during a White House briefing Thursday. At least 16 people have been confirmed dead from the storm, but experts say the death toll is likely higher.

"The electrical grid and other infrastructure were already in very, very poor shape".

On Thursday, the President placed US Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan in overall command of military operations to aid Puerto Rico in recovering from the storm.

Despite the devastation in Puerto Rico, Lopez thinks the people will rebuild. "I'm sorry but that really upsets me and frustrates me", said Cruz.

A Facebook post has been circulating around timelines stating that people in the United States can buy groceries online for family and friends in Puerto Rico and have them use the grocery pick-up option at their local stores. "They should bring us water and other supplies because the kids keep asking", said Maria Rosario, a victim of Hurricane Maria.

The mayor said city law enforcement and fire officials also will be deployed to help out in Puerto Rico, once the proper paperwork is processed at the federal level. He claimed it was complicated because Puerto Rico is "surrounded by water".

As of Wednesday, about 97 percent of the island's residents still lacked power, Gov. Ricardo Rossello said, and about half remained without running water.

This can not become another epic failure resembling the debacle following Hurricane Katrina, and the Trump administration has to continue to ramp up relief efforts.

The Trump administration has said its relief efforts are succeeding, but people on the island say help is scarce and disorganized.

In recent days, with the Katrina-like disaster unfolding in Puerto Rico, the Trump administration has stepped up efforts to get more help and supplies to the island that is 1,100 miles away.

"If we don't get the food and the water into people's hands what we are going to see is something close to a genocide", she said.

Much of the capital San Juan is a landscape of ruin: buildings with all their windows shattered, traffic lights down, and trees that survived now without a single leaf. President Trump has also been criticised for comments he made on the situation on Tuesday (26Sep17) when he said, "This (Puerto Rico) is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean".

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