New quake shakes traumatized Mexico City

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Rescuers have pulled a small dog alive from the rubble of a building that collapsed in Mexico City after Tuesday's deadly natural disaster.

Araceli Pena, a member of the training institute for laypeople at St. John the Baptist Church, said that, after the quake, "My pressure went up and I couldn't leave my house for two days, I felt terribly helpless due to my age".

CNN confirmed from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) that Oaxaca state had a 6.1 magnitude natural disaster last Saturday morning, September 23, near the town of Matias Romero, which was located about 275 miles south of Mexico City. This is around 530km south of Mexico City. "Some neighbours and friends got together (Sunday)".

In addition to the damage in Mexico City, the surrounding states of Puebla, Morelos and the State of Mexico also suffered serious damage.

In the wealthy neighborhoods of Roma and Condesa in the center of Mexico City, volunteers by the hundreds stand ready to help dig for survivors who may be trapped beneath the rubble.

Rescue teams from across Mexico and around the world soon joined them.

Twenty-nine people were rescued alive from the building in the first days, and 69 across the city. A couple of bodies were found Friday.

Now the delicate question facing the nation is how long to keep up the search.

Search and rescue efforts in the Mexico City area could last for at least two more weeks.

Emergency teams from Japan, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama have wrapped up their work and headed home.

Professional rescuers warned of chaos in the unsafe rubble piles, saying blundering volunteers could cause further collapse in unstable structures. Our patience is over.

At the office building, relatives protested overnight, increasingly angry at the slow progress there in recovering loved ones and a lack of information that has fed into Mexicans' deep-seated mistrust of official versions of events.

Allegations of negligent construction and oversight have also started to fly.

"We're going to wait here, we're not moving, and we hope that you are alive, we believe that you are alive and we're expecting you with open arms." said Armando Albarrán, whose niece is still believed to be trapped under the collapsed structure.

"If confirmed, it would be very serious", Education Minister Aurelio Nuno told TV network Televisa, saying he had ordered an investigation.

Mexico is particularly earthquake-prone, sitting atop five tectonic plates. As a state, we need to confront the images and stories of destruction and survival in Mexico and take lessons from this disaster to make the impact of earthquakes more real for Californians while we still can.

"I have seen a lot of unity in the donation centers, it is handsome", said Cabrera, who has been providing food to a local center.

"I tell them, 'Please, don't bring any more sandwiches!"

While we wait for the Frida pins to be re-stocked, you can help victims of the Mexico City quake by donating to organization such as Global Giving, the Mexican Red Cross, and Fondo Unido Mexico.