Myanmar violence looks like ethnic cleansing

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This latest round, however, has forced nearly half of the Rohinyga population - an estimated 1.1. million of a population of 53 million in Myanmar - out of the country, triggering a refugee crisis in Bangladesh, where there have been reports of fights breaking out over aid delivery as food shortages become more pronounced.

The exodus is the largest movement of a civilian population in Asia since the 1970s.

Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said it was a human right of every one to get food, shelter and even an education.

"And any country that is now providing weapons to the Burmese military should suspend these activities until sufficient accountability measures are in place", Haley said.

"Catholics of Chittagong are urging a stop of this ethnic cleansing operation and take back the refugees from Bangladesh with proper dignity as Myanmar nationals", Archbishop Costa said.

He said: "According to the Border Security Force (BSF), over 18 battalions of para-military troopers were earlier deployed along the India-Bangladesh border with Tripura". As a result, they're effectively stateless.

Supporters of Pakistani religious party Jamaat-e-Islami stage a rally in Pakistan to condemn ongoing violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.

To this end, it is critical that Myanmar's military immediately halt human rights abuses in Rakhine.

Another Ministry official said a factual report was sent to the NHRC and the various provisions of Foreigners Act and Passport Act, which bar foreigners from illegally staying in the country, have been mentioned in the reply.

The UN Secretary Council is due to meet to discuss the issue, after French President Emanuel Macron last week described what had happened as "genocide".

Save the Children has been supporting the long-term needs of displaced Rohingya families in and around Cox's Bazar prior to the outbreak of violence on August 25.

The visit "was postponed to next week because of weather conditions", said a spokesman for the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Myanmar.

A donors' conference would be held on October 9, he said.

Mr Field went on to say that Ms Suu Kyi remained the best hope for democracy in Myanmar.

Ms Suu Kyi - a Nobel peace prize victor - had faced intense global criticism for her refusal to condemn the actions of the security forces.

"Canada's initial contributions of $3.55 million since the latest wave of displacement on August 25 have been welcome, but more is urgently needed to respond to spiraling need", said Degraw, originally from Abbotsford, British Colombia.

The Rohingya group fled Myanmar in 2012 and lived in India as refugees for almost five years before trying to migrate illegally to Sri Lanka, a lawyer representing them told Reuters.

The death toll during the military's brutal response is unknown but is believed to be in the hundreds.

The UN refugee agency called for a redoubling of global aid for the 480,000 refugees - 60 percent of them who are children. There are also fears that they could be targeted by people smugglers.

The UN refugee agency called for a redoubling of global aid for the 480,000 refugees.

A letter seen by Reuters and signed by four Republican and 17 Democratic members of the 100-seat Senate also calls on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green to provide more humanitarian aid.