More help needed in Puerto Rico

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"One of the considerations right now is the priority of getting fuel, diesel, gasoline, all across the island", Rossello said in an interview with CNN.

The Jones Act, otherwise known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, requires goods shipped between American ports to be carried out exclusively by ships built primarily in the United States, and to have US citizens as its owners and crews.

What was the origin of the Jones Act? Well, right now, it's a stumbling block. By restricting trade between USA ports to US -flagged vessels with USA crews, America would always have a robust fleet of boats and sailors on hand in the event that German submarines attacked the US again.

I'm calling to ask the [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman] to join the efforts of some of his colleagues in Congress-like Congressman José Serrano, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, Senator Marco Rubio, Resident Commissioner Jennifer González, and others-to put pressure on the federal government to provide more assistance to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands after being hit by Hurricane Maria, and on Congress to allocate the necessary funds/resources to do so. In tweets on Monday night, he said Puerto Rico was in "deep trouble" and noted its massive debt crisis. Trump said of the US territory: "That place was just destroyed".

On Sept. 26, he briefed Trump on the situation via video teleconference, and according to a White House readout, he "thanked President Trump for his leadership and quick action to approve emergency declarations for Puerto Rico".

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, and others have urged Trump to waive the law in this scenario. Puerto Ricans are forced to pay shipping costs on imports from the United States, when they could instead be paying far less by importing from neighboring islands.

"Thank you to Carmen YulÃn Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, for your kind words on FEMA etc". What they need, they get.

It's pretty ugly out there.

Lifting the Jones Act, though, would help lower the burden of cost of goods for Puerto Rico.

Republicans and Democrats have pushed Trump to waive the Jones Act, saying it could help get desperately needed supplies delivered to the island more quickly and at less cost.

A 2012 report by two University of Puerto Rico economists found that the Jones Act caused a $17 billion loss to the island's economy from 1990 through 2010.

The Jones Act, when it was established in 1920, was meant to promote shipping by US -owned and operated vessels.

"A lot of this has to go all the way up to Jacksonville before it ships to Puerto Rico and I wish our president would stop talking about football and then pick up the phone and mobilize the Army".

On Monday afternoon, the 53-year-old amusing lady made a request to the NFL athletes who have been kneeling in response to the president's harshly worded objections to football players who don't stand during the national anthem.

Unidos por Puerto Rico: Set up by Beatriz Roselló, the first lady of Puerto Rico, this organization accepts donations via PayPal and 1First Bank.

Most recently, the Department has lifted such restriction in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But cash and gas for cars are in short supply.

I'm glad that the government takes a holistic approach to these types of emergencies and all, but I'd happily donate a few weeks' worth of gas in my auto or be otherwise inconvenienced if it meant helping out the people of Puerto Rico. "We are USA citizens".