James Corden blasted for smooching Trump's chump

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The former White House press Secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise cameo at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday.

"I'm kidding, of course, but Sean Spicer actually did make a cameo a last night's ceremony", he continued. His critics' biggest complaint: how he "normalized" Spicer's actions after his time as Donald Trump's mouthpiece.

Since Sunday night, a lot of people have expressed disgust about the whole situation, calling out both Corden and variety of celebrities who also took photos with Spicer, for the normalization of the former press secretary.

"To be fair, everyone was kissing ass last night at the Emmys", he added. He has never acknowledged lying, and has never formally apologized to the American people or to the press for his behavior or for how he treated them.

He said the audience was was "the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration" despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

Brought onstage by co-host and comedian Stephen Colbert, Spicer stood behind a podium that showed an uncanny resemblance to the White House podium. Corden joked, as the controversial photo appeared on the screen. "Just as Mr. Trump had been thin-skinned in employing a spokesman to exaggerate the size of his inaugural crowd, this person said, Mr. Colbert was mocking himself by using Mr. Spicer to overstate the size of his viewership".

Since leaving the White House last month, Spicer has been looking for ways to burnish his image so he can translate his notoriety into speaking engagements, paid television appearances and other gigs that will no doubt be more reputable and lucrative than his job in government or as a Republican National Committee communications director. "Colbert thought it would be amusing and surprising, and that's what mattered most", wrote CNN, citing a source familiar with the production, on the decision to include Spicer. Spicer was trying to convince America that the most prodigious liar in presidential history was some oracle of consistent truth, The press secretary was selling bovine excreta, knew he was selling bovine excreta, yet acted like you were the fool if you did not acknowledge it as gold.

Cue the photo and a "did I do that?" face that even Steve Urkel would admire.

"Sean Spicer lied for MONTHSSSS and now he's up there on the Emmys stage", said one tweet.

"I can tell you that by and large people were unbelievably and overwhelmingly respectful and positive", said Spicer, who explained that Colbert's executive producer Chris Licht (a former executive producer of MSNBC's "Morning Joe"), contacted him with the idea.

The smiling, happy-go-lucky Sean Spicer of last week was a long way from the combative, condescending, and "less and less available" Spicer of earlier this year.