Jailbreaking iOS 11 and What You Need to Know About Firmware Tweaks

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- The rollout of iOS 11 gives Uber users the option of limiting app access to location only when the app is in use, regardless of the developer's desire.

F-Secure's head of hardware security, Andrea Barisani, who was one of the first to notice the iOS feature, reckons the Control Center toggle is "unintuitive" and problematic since the features are re-enabled in "non obvious" conditions, such as at 5am.

Here's a final oddity to note: if you disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from Control Center, they will automatically be fully re-enabled when it's 5 AM local time or after you restart your device.

From the Settings pane, you can choose "Control Center" and decide whether you want to add or remove controls.

Having the both signals open even if they are toggled off in the Control Center will allow background processes to run continuously, including file transferring via AirDrop and the productivity feature Handoff. Motherboard has reported that Apple, instead of closing down WiFi or Bluetooth, it leaves these running in the background, keeping certain iOS features from disconnecting with some devices.

You can change the order of this list using the three lines to the right of each name and dragging and dropping it to the desired position.

When you toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off from the new Control Center, it doesn't turn them off. ExtremeTech's official recommendation is "Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off in the Settings menu to save battery life and not waste it on peripherals you probably don't own, use cases you don't care about, and features you will never use".

Ios 11 takes about two gigabytes so you should also check to make sure your device has enough space for it. This is made easier by the new multitasking capability that's available with iOS 11. Do you think that older iPhone models would also get support for streaming HDR content?

A few days back Apple rolled out its latest iOS 11 version to specific iPhones, iPad and iPods as well. In his email, Federighi said that a future iOS 11.x update will bring it back.