IPhone X has Face ID security in case of theft

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The iPhone X was one of three new iPhones launched this week by the tech giant, with an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also making an entrance. If you add up all the new features the iPhone X has and realize they come on a device you'll be using several hours a day, every day, it's a good value, even at that price - assuming you can afford it. That alone might force me to upgrade to the iPhone 8 instead.

All of those quotes are before tax, Apple Care and extra storage. Those who are eager to buy them can already pre-order the handsets on Apple's online shop. he Cupertino- based company offer the handsets both in monthly payments with the iPhone Upgrade Program and with full payment.

First, it won't unlock unless you stare at the iPhone.

Size can be a deciding feature as well.

Wireless carrier promotions around the iPhone 8 are "restrained", Nomura Instinet analyst Jeffrey Kvaal said in a report Friday.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 8 packs a 1,821mAh battery, which is smaller than the iPhone 7's 1,960mAh.

Apple's iPhone X as seen on its official website
Apple's iPhone X as seen on its official websiteApple

Apple iPhone X Cons#1. They each have True Tone technology which adjusts the warmth of the screen to the ambient lighting. The speech featured several major announcements including the iPhone 8, the Series 3 Apple Watch and the Apple TV 4K, which will be released September 22, and the iPhone X, which will be released on November 3.

However, it's nearly certain that Apple is making a pretty neat margin on the new phone, and that's a theory that's corroborated by new information from Chinese industry insiders, who have estimated the total cost of raw components going into the iPhone. The X doesn't have one, and if you buy it, you'll be controlling it using hand gestures. Sprint (S) is offering 50% off the lease of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with a trade-in. "Facial recognition is the future of how we will unlock our phones", said Apple executive Phil Schiller from the stage at Apple's new Steve Jobs Theatre at its headquarters campus near San Jose in California.

Apple, Samsung, and all the other phone makers steal features from each other and iterate on the regular.

Apple says that this chip is capable of performing up to 600 billion operations per second. The Galaxy Note 8 and S8 are both compatible with the new system.

Is the iPhone X better than the iPhone 8?

The much-talked about iPhone X is the fastest smartphone around, revealed Geekbench testing performed on its A11 Bionic chipset. Other features include an infrared camera, "flood illuminator" proximity sensor, a seven-megapixel camera and a dot projector according to Apple's website. This mimics studio lightening to improve shots.