Gas prices soar in Harvey's wake

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They said they expect prices to go back down at the end of September and early October. "Because $2.35 a gallon".

To help alleviate concerns about fuel supply shortages, the Environmental Protection Agency waived the requirement for low volatility conventional gasoline and allowed "winter blend" gasoline to be sold early in MS and 11 other states, AAA said. But the port, where tankers unload oil, is also crucial, he said.

Edmonds says retailers tend to hold on to higher prices when possible because we'll pay it.

Donati said she was told by AAA fuel experts that as of Friday, 10 of the Houston-area refineries that were shut down by the hurricane were still closed or were operating at limited capacity. But a portion of that is now being restored.

The U.S. Energy Department announced Thursday it would release 500,000 barrels of crude oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to alleviate disruption to the petroleum industry caused by Hurricane Harvey.

About 20 percent of US refinery capacity is located in the Houston area and is now not operational as a result of flooding. Prices for refined products like gasoline have jumped. Missouri and other Midwest states are impacted by the reduced volumes in the Explorer Pipeline. But with Harvey now hitting Louisiana-home to another ten vital oil refineries-just when that will happen is unclear.

The country's biggest fuel transporter, Colonial Pipeline, which has a pipeline in North Augusta that delivers fuel to five terminals, announced Wednesday a temporary shutdown of two lines because of damage and refinery outages in Louisiana related to Harvey.

"Forget brand loyalty, forget going to your favorite station. Supplies are going to be tight but they're going to get better".

When reading news like this, it's natural to panic-but officials say panic is actually part of the problem.

There's pain at the pump even in Colorado,"Honestly it was a total shock I didn't think it was real at first".

There shouldn't be any supply issues, so there's no need to run out and fill up the tank.

On Friday, gas prices were hovering around $2.49, an increase of 10 cents overnight. And it's the state's highest level since August 2015.

"The hot spot to watch out for would be the east coast and NY harbor", said Kloza. Of them, six have started assessing damage, which could take several days, the report states.