Centre to file affidavit on Rohingyas in SC on Monday:Rajnath

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Cox's Bazar - IOM, the UN Migration Agency yesterday highlighted the need for a coordinated humanitarian response to the massive inflow of destitute people fleeing Myanmar and arriving in Cox's Bazar.

But China blocked a proposal from Egypt to add language on ensuring the right of return to the Rohingya sheltering in Bangladesh, diplomats said.

However, as news spread of the government filing the said affidavit in the Supreme Court, the Central Agency Section (CAS) of the Union law ministry clarified late on Thursday night that the document was "incomplete". This limited the Rohingya's access to schools and health care and their ability to move in and out of the country. Yet my heart aches for my neighbors - all of them, in Rockport and Houston, in Barbuda and Key West, in OR and Montana, in overcrowded refugee camps.

"I have already cleared our stand with regard to illegal immigrants".

The current humanitarian crisis began following an August 25 attack by the insurgent Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on police and military posts in the northwestern state of Rakhine that had led to a violent offensive by the Myanmar Army.

The Myanmar military then began a campaign of village torchings, extrajudicial killings and gang rape, according to survivors and global rights groups. The forces are burning down villages to drive the people out of the region.

The United Nations described the actions against the Rohingya as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing".

Bangladesh has said all refugees must go home. This year, the government even debated a plan to confine all Rohingya refugees on a flood-prone uninhabited island.

Aid groups worry diseases like cholera will spread through the settlements. The lack of an adequate sewage system is also compounding fears about public hygiene.

Governments from several predominantly Muslim countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey, have expressed concern about the most recent violence. Instead, a record numbers of Rohingyas, more than 300,000, were forced to flee to Bangladesh. "But we can't tolerate and accept any injustice".

In her first address to the assembly previous year, after being swept into office at historic elections, Ms Suu Kyi defended her government's treatment of Rohingya.

Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar's civilian administration, announced she would skip the annual meeting.

A law passed in 1982 denied them citizenship, leaving them off a list of 135 ethnic groups formally recognized by the government.

Freeland also told a Toronto rally in support of the Rohingya that she also discussed the issue with Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General who is now leading a commission investigating the crisis unfolding in Myanmar.

Since October 2016, Myanmar's government has laid a siege to the western state of Rakhine, where the Rohingya Muslims are concentrated. Political observers see it as an attempt by the Modi government to build good relations with Myanmar's army officials, whose help is crucial in curbing militancy in India's northeast.

Demonstrators hold placards as they take part in a rally in front of The Eiffel Tower in Paris on September 16, 2017, to protest the situation of Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar. He also lambasted the stay granted to controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen.

All eyes will be on the Nobel laureate as she addresses the nation on the crisis for the first time Tuesday, a high stakes speech that many outside the country hope will explain her near silence on the human tragedy that is unfolding.