IPhone 8 Delay Rumors Could Have Been Unfounded, Says KGI Analyst

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It had been reported that a shortage of OLEDs would see the iPhone 8 launch delayed from its expected September release and arrive in October or November instead. The rumors and leaks are picking up the pace now as the launch draws near with each passing day.

This year was like a rollercoaster when it comes to rumors regarding the upcoming Apple handsets. The leaked image displays a phone with almost no bezels-only a small chunk of its front is reserved for the ear speaker, LED flash and front-facing camera.

Foxconn vice-president Luo Zhongsheng said in a post on Chinese microblogging site Weibo that the 10th anniversary iPhone's special design has led to a huge decline in the yield rates of OLED displays.

The new specifics about the feature follow a bevy of other iPhone 8 details found in HomePod firmware code last week. Speaking of the front panel, notice the lack of bezels.

That leaves one question: where will the fingerprint sensor go? It is nowhere to be seen, neither at the back nor in the front.

Despite all three models launching on the same date, it could be awhile before potential customers get their hands on the premium iPhone 8. There's no presence of the fingerprint sensor anywhere. Then, they said that the iPhone 8 will only arrive in 2018, and this year we will have to settle for the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

As mentioned earlier, this leak also features the black lip of bezel of that dips down from the top of the phone. It seems unlikely Apple would completely abandon its traditional price points in favor of something so expensive, but we won't really know until September finally rolls around. On the rear, we see the lovely glass back that is host to the dual camera array that is now horizontally oriented. The same has been revealed quite a lot of time by all the rumours and leaks about the device. However, things are expected to be having clarity with time.

Though their authenticity could not be confirmed, it would be in line with what renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, had predicted. In other words and contrary to leading rumours, the iPhone 8 launch is very much on track.