'Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Are Engaged!

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Tonight's the night that Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay picks her man. As the season continued, there was a major flag: Peter was candid that although he had strong feelings for Rachel, he didn't feel comfortable proposing to someone he had only known for six weeks. However, he was sent home because Rachel said she loved him, but wasn't in love with him.

"Rachel, when I first stepped out of that limo I knew I was in for the ride of my life", Abasolo, 37, said during the final rose ceremony in Spain. It was a dramatic and heartbreaking moment to watch Rachel say goodbye to this fan favorite. Rachel wasn't nervous to see Peter due to their "breakup" (more on THAT to come), she was nervous she'd be reminded of her wrong decision, and that she'd want to jump his bones right there on the couch. While her family had obvious doubts about him, Rachel was distinctly frustrated that they didn't immediately love him, and became seriously defensive when they tried to raise questions about him.

Bryan gets the first go, and he and Rachel take to the skies in a hot air balloon because nothing says love like putting your faith in wicker transportation. "I was trying to find cracks in what seemed like the ideal foundation", Rachel said. "I just hope you feel the same".

On the live finale hosted by Chris Harrison over at the ABC studios, Abasolo joined his fiancee on stage and asked her to marry him all over again. I'm a fixer, and I run away from the guy who is every single thing that I want because I just think that either I don't deserve it.

"You talk to me about our future and what size bed we're going to have", Rachel said.

She said in confessional, however, "Peter messed with my mind". He has blind faith and confidence that he is the one, he loves Rachel tremendously.

Both crying, they hugged and kissed and then parted ways. But here's the thing - the Power of the Gap is very real, and they decide to continue on. Then Peter comes out and he still can't believe that she chose Bryan. "We started off so strong, and then to get that point and kind of be at this standstill, it was really hard", she says.

Despite his indecision, he shared the fantasy suite with Rachel. Peter opens up about his hesitations and says that marriage doesn't scare him-but the thought of having multiple marriages does, so he only wants to be engaged once.

"Bryan is such a good person, a good man, " she told viewers as he pulled up in a SUV. He says a few words in Spanish and English, she says she sees her forever.