Australian Prime Minister: Same-Sex Marriage Could Be Legalized Before Year's End

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Mr Turnbull said he would vote yes in the postal ballot and when a bill came before Parliament to allow same-sex marriage.

Two separate challenges have been brought against the postal vote: one by independent MP Andrew Wilkie, marriage equality advocate Felicity Marlowe, and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Brisbane; the second by Australian Marriage Equality and Victorian Greens senator Janet Rice.

"The High Court found very clearly that it is the Australian Parliament that needs to determine this".

"But no matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia hom. ophobic".

Basically, he promised a plebiscite during his election campaign. Senior Coalition MPs like Eric Abetz have openly talked of ignoring the results - something all the more likely if a dodgy survey returns a narrow "Yes" vote.

Mr Kirby said the postal ballot was "just a complete political improvisation and it's completely unacceptable and it should stop".

Church leaders and marriage equality advocates have both warned Malcolm Turnbull about voter fraud.

In a significant boost to the "yes" campaign, GetUp revealed it would work with marriage equality groups to run a "powerful grassroots campaign" but would also support one of the High Court challenges.

Wong said an open debate on same sex marriage was "exposing" the children of LGBTQI couples to "that kind of hatred".

I will never hold you in the same light ever again.

In campaigns, leading members of the Liberal Party had pledged to gauge public opinion before a vote occurred, even though existing polls show a major of Australians are in favor of same-sex marriage. If the majority of people voted yes, parliament would then hold a vote to decide to pass the legislation.

He added: "Please remember that approximately 40 per cent of the population opposes the change and more importantly that the ABC does not have a position on the issue".

"If you don't like same-sex marriage vote "no", if you're anxious about religious freedom and freedom of speech vote "no", if you don't like political correctness vote "no".

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has been charged with organizing the voluntary postal vote.

"We do have a pathway now that will see this issue resolved before Christmas", he told reporters in Canberra today.

"Democracy is something that is a gift". "I'm a strong leader", he said.

"I condemn absolutely people who are on the fringes of this argument - whether they are on the Left or the Right - putting out garbage about children of gay couples and all of that is rightly condemned".

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Penny Wong, an openly gay senator who is a member of the Labor Party, is among those who spoke against the proposed plebiscite on Wednesday.

"My experience... is that most Australians are far more generous spirited, have a lot more honour than numerous people who are arguing this in the parliament from the other side", Wong told Sky News.

"It's a pretty low way to approach this debate".