Yankees Judge, Sanchez Home Run Derby seeds announced

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There hasn't been a rookie baseball player who has captivated the league like Aaron Judge in a few years. The other contestants were Miguel Sano, Gary Sanchez, Mike Moustakas, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Bour, Cody Bellinger, and Charlie Blackmon. I would have loved to bet on Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge but they were only paying 1.8-1 which are basically bet 1 to win 1.80 not really great odds.

The highlight of the night was, pretty clearly, Judge's first round matchup with Bour. His longest blast traveled 434 feet and his average exit velocity was 103.6 miles per hour, according to Statcast. He has tied Joe DiMaggio's rookie record with 29 home runs in a season, with more than half of the season still to be played. Bellinger is the youngest at 21 years old, and he's followed by Miguel Sano, who turned 24 in May. He still had 2 minutes, 25 seconds remaining (including bonus time) when he hit the decisive homer.

As far as Major League Baseball is concerned, 2017 has been the season of Aaron Judge.

Despite a couple of tape-measure shots, the reigning champion and hometown favorite is bounced by Gary Sanchez in the first round.

The rules of this year's Home Run Derby are the same as last year's and the year before: eight batters will face off against one another through three rounds of a single-elimination bracket.

"You got to have a formula and everything just like hitting in a game, but it more reminds me of when my dad was throwing to me back in the day", Stanton told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Judge went next and required extra time to hit the two home runs needed to beat out Bour. Call it a coming out for Sano, if you like. If they hit one ball 440 feet or more, they earn a 30 second bonus.

Bo Jackson hit just one homer in the 1989 Homer Run Derby in Anaheim, Calif., and Danny Tartabull hit two in 1991 at Toronto. There's a good chance he could come back in the future. That's why the Home Run Derby is so ridiculously watchable. However, although he has the second most home runs of participants in the Derby it still is unclear if he has what it takes to make it into the finals, much less taking the trophy home.

The only winners in their home park were the Chicago Cubs' Ryne Sandberg in 1990 and the Cincinnati Reds' Todd Frazier in 2014.