Sen. Cruz's Plan Seen as Path to Possibly Passing GOP Health Bill

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Were Louisiana to impose a work requirement for Medicaid, as some states have discussed, all those attending school on scholarships and not working could lose their health coverage. This was only a few days after McConnell made a statement saying that he would not be getting a vote for the bill before breaking for the July 4 recess.

Activists march around the US Capitol to protest the Senate GOP health care bill, on Capitol Hill, June 28, 2017, in Washington, DC.

Most folks can't read the new health bill because it's written by lawyers and since only the well-educated can understand what it says, we'll have to trust what others are telling us.

The state-subsidized health insurance program MinnesotaCare could be abolished under the Republican plan, the commissioner said.

Virtually all the talk about cutting Medicaid by more than $800 billion over the next 10 years has centered on the 11 million people who gained health coverage under the Medicaid provisions of the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare.

Support the expansion of health savings accounts. And without Planned Parenthood, seven counties in California would be without a clinic that provides affordable access to comprehensive contraception care. Currently, about 16.7% of Oakland County residents are enrolled in Medicaid. So I suggest we introduce "pay for performance", using the metric system when it comes to "health"!

They'd be hit again if a state rejects Obamacare rules that require insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions. "Things like prescription drug prices, or increasing the utilization of highly cost-effective service and decreasing the utilization of services like the emergency rooms that cost us all".

Invest in preventive care.

In California, the impacts of the GOP legislation would be particularly harsh, starting with a $3 billion increase in costs in 2020 increasing to $30 billion a year by 2027. What does the health care law have to do with him?

It makes me sad to think that I would not be able to prevent sickness and possible death of my patients. They're unlikely to be convinced that an IOU from congressional Republicans is better than the plan the country already has. We, the people, still have the power to stop them.

How does the Better Care Reconciliation Act compare to the ACA?

I ask our legislators to reconsider the proposals they have put forth in Congress. We'll continue to monitor the bill's progress here on TrustED.

For more than 260,000 children and adults in Maine, MaineCare - Maine's Medicaid program - is what lets them seek the health care and services they need to prosper.