Floyd Mayweather Challenges Conor McGregor To Bet His Whole Fight Check

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The duo are to face each other at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena on Aug 26 in what could become the richest bout in boxing history.

The first stop of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor super fight tour kicked off in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on July 11. The first took place last night in LA, the next is tomorrow in Brooklyn NYC, and Friday's conference will take place in London.

What can we expect in the great white north?

Okamoto: McGregor lands an early combination with a comedic knock on Mayweather's "track suit", and a declaration that the pinstripes on his own (ahem, custom) suit are stitched expletives (which actually turns out to be true). It lasted around 90 seconds before they were separated. Today was a much different story. "There's about 5,000 in here?"

"Yeah, they took the mic off me" said the UFC lightweight champion.

He said: "I just want to speak to all the boxing p***ies, all the supposed experts".

There was also one glaring tell that McGregor was nervous. He's drinking out of a cup, pacing back-and-forth past McGregor.

The crossover fight has been criticized as a publicity stunt by boxing purists who give McGregor no chance.

The former welterweight king, who retired with a ideal 49-0 record in 2015, said on Tuesday there was no chance of him fighting again after he climbs into the ring with mixed martial arts star McGregor. "What is he doing with that strip club?"

Mayweather is draped in an Irish flag while Mc Gregor goes through his bag
Mayweather is draped in an Irish flag while Mc Gregor goes through his bag

"I get nervous", White said.

Mayweather, who is putting his 49-0 record on the line, at one stage grabbed an Irish flag from the stage before posing with it.

In true wrestling heel fashion, Mayweather fired right back. They finally separate with the loud Toronto crowd chanting "UFC".

In a tailor-made pinstripe suit that repeated a profane phrase in tiny letters as its stripe, McGregor didn't try to disguise his glee at the prospect of his mammoth financial reward for seeing how his heavy hands can fare against Mayweather's famed defensive skills in this cross-disciplinary experiment.

Mayweather proceeded to pose for pictures on stage after McGregor walked away.

Many believed that McGregor's trash-talking had been deliberately impeded in an effort to protect Mayweather from his razor-sharp wit. Wonderful to watch him go through a sea of humanity.

McGregor: Look in my eye.

"That's what the people want to see", Mayweather said. Not many broadcast teams would go off-topic. Make sure you tune into the channel as things begin to heat up between the two ferocious fighters.

After an initial staredown and some harsh words from both headliners, McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather square off face to face again.