Despite several warnings, dozens issued illegal firework citation with hefty fine

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A fire at an apartment complex on N. Lakeharbor Lane is believed to have been caused by fireworks. His dog Zoey was so shaken by the neighborhoods' illegal fireworks so she hid between his home and shed, and was stuck wedged in between.

Leading up to the holiday this year, city agencies ran a publicity blitz, warning residents that all fireworks are illegal in Long Beach.

A variety of factors - not just illegal fireworks activity - could affect the number of fires reported each year on the holiday, Pixley said.

Several Boise families were displaced when an apartment caught fire early Wednesday morning apparently from fireworks, according to Boise Fire.

The maiming of an 18-year-old Newark teen by an exploding illegal firework capped an array of Fourth-of-July-related emergency and police calls in the Bay Area this week.

The first incident happened in the 2300 block of Northwest Ninth Street at 9:07 p.m. and the second happened at 11:38 the 400 block of South 53rd Street. The cause of another brush fire Tuesday on Southern Avenue remains under investigation. There were 2,360 reports a year ago. Denver police arrested one person in connection to the injuries and are investigating whether the burns were caused by fireworks, he said.

Bevis said eight to nine citations were issued in 2016.

"I was in my room about to go to sleep and then my son came downstairs and said pop fire, fire, fire, fire, fire", said Jose Rivera.

Huntsville Hospital also said they saw no firework related injuries in the main Huntsville E.R last night. But it seems like the more we try, we're chasing our own tail...

"Even more concerning to me as fire chief is I've got four injured firefighters right now", said Jenkerson.

Staff said injuries to hands and eyes are the most common from fireworks.