Conor McGregor gives Rob Kardashian a VERY public shout-out

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They had made stops in Los Angeles and Toronto. At times it felt more like a Christmas pantomime, though an x-rated pantomine of profanity at that. Despite not knocking out an opponent since Victor Ortiz in 2011, the former five-weight world champion promised the UFC champion that he'd do just that. But despite an animated performance, Mayweather, one of boxing's all-time greats, was showered with boos. As the two fighters argued on stage, McGregor yelled "Dance for me, boy!"

They were due to be in NY last night (I can only imagine) and it's London's Wembley Arena tonight.

"How's this suit look?" he laughed.

Unsurprisingly there have been accusations that both men have crossed the line, with Mayweather also provoking ire by mocking the Irish flag.

Helping build anticipation, Fox Sports presents the UFC TONIGHT Special: Mayweather vs. McGregor Press Tour live on FS2, with re-airs later each evening on FS1.

"F-k Showtime, too! You little weasel".

"I'm concerned that in Vegas there's going to be a whole lot of problems happening", added Jarard J, in while Wanda Smith recovers from surgery. McGregor paused to recall the movie, saying, "I'm trying to remember which one was "Rocky III". the dancing monkeys in the gym?"

What a difference 24 hours can make in the life of an worldwide world tour.

When he said the "boy" comment, it is what it is. "Why? Because that's how long I've been kicking a***".

Mayweather has reportedly been guaranteed $100 million for the fight, and he could end up making more than he did for his 12-round victory over Pacquiao.

Mayweather's public bravado about his wealth doesn't match up with county records in Las Vegas and his own petition to the U.S. Tax Court in Washington. This is the kind of event that Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions are known for and we're proud to bring this exciting night of action right to the fans.

On the third stop of four-day, four-city barnstorming blitz to promote their August 26 Las Vegas clash, the witty barbs that characterised their exchanges Los Angeles and Toronto were replaced by what appeared to be real venom.

Which means the war of words will be played out at further promotional events in Toronto, Brooklyn, New York and London in the coming days and weeks.