Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 press conference live here

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EF will be bringing you news on the biggest announcements from E3 2017 throughout the month. Microsoft could be trying to tease the console's release date here, if you assume "X10S" refers to Scorpio, and "101317" is the October 13, 2017 date.

The annual video game conference runs for six days in Los Angeles.

Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox One S in the United States ahead of its E3 press briefing. This could include Project Scorpio's real name, price, games and features.

With new hardware unlikely, then, expect Sony to keep the focus squarely on the games. The Xbox One was also originally priced at $499, but Microsoft had to slash its price to $399 due to poor sales and competition from Sony's PlayStation.

The world's biggest gaming event, E3, will start Tuesday and the biggest reveal expected at the event is the new Xbox Project Scorpio - the biggest Xbox refresh in a decade.

"X10S101-317" reads the most prominent hidden message shown in the Feel True Power - Goosebumps clip.

Project Scorpio will finally get its first public showing at tonight's Microsoft E3 press conference, and market research firm IHS Markit has predicted that Microsoft's new machine will cost £429 in the UK.

With over 50 million PlayStation 4s sold November 2013 launch, Sony has the most popular modern system. If your monitor or TV supports the technology, you can watch the Xbox E3 2017 Briefing live in glorious 4K on the official Xbox Mixer Channel or on the Mixer app for Xbox One S. Now the spec has been updated, and it's sure to please game developers. The Scorpio engine packs 6 teraflops of power, a 326 GB/s memory bandwidth, and an advanced custom silicon.

I'll have full breakdowns, reviews, and reactions to Microsoft's, and every other major E3 Conference on our youtube channel. Whether we play one hour or hundreds, the ability to go back and replay older games that we've already paid for is the crux of the argument, not whether its feasible or not.