Senator Kamala Harris interrupted (again) by male colleagues while questioning attorney general

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Thus are our super powers by now multifaceted. She also said that because of the revelation that Sessions misled the Senate during his testimony, she called on him to resign.

"Some men R so threatened by tough strong women". Kamala Harris "hysterical", implying that the comment was sexist.

We all know us some Kamala Harrises.

Harris [to Sessions]: Please do. Harris has a younger sister, Maya, who is a lawyer and a public policy advocate. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., being interrupted for the second time in a week by her male colleagues - triggered an outpouring of recognition and what has become nearly ritual social media outrage.

Kamala Harris has served as freshman senator for only six months, but she's not wasting time sitting in the shadows.

One issue was Sessions' refusal to answer questions about private meetings he'd had with President Donald Trump.

As I've said previously, we will establish the facts, separate from rampant speculation, and lay them out for the American people to make their own judgment.

Pundit Kirsten Powers gave ex-Trump aide Jason Miller a little lesson in gendered criticism on CNN Tuesday night.

But folks are missing the biggest takeaway from those exchanges.

Sessions: Well, we talked about it.

If the answer is left up to political contributors like Jeffrey Lord who referred to Harris as "hysterical" and "out of line", then the treatment may very well remain the same.

Harris had been asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about whether he would sign a letter stating that the special counsel appointed to lead the Russian Federation probe would be fully independent from Department of Justice. "I don't understand that".

As you'd expect from a former federal prosecutor, Harris drilled down.

Already, there is buzz that Harris has her eye on the presidential race in 2020.

From him, Harris also asked for a simple "yes or no" answer to her question, a phrasing that is routine in hearings as members rush to ask as many questions as they can in a limited amount of time. "Too often women are silenced in society and in the Senate". Unfortunately, as we saw in a similar hearing this time last week, Harris was unable to fully exercise her Senatorial privilege thanks to a vein of disrespect from both Sessions and the Republican Senators in the room.

"But he wasn't hysterical, she was", Powers observed. John McCain. R-Arizona, can be heard saying off-camera. The playbook for what constitutes "acceptable" conduct by congressional representatives wasn't written with women in mind, let alone a black woman of Jamaican and Southeast Indian descent who earned her professional stripes in Northern California. One study, "Can an Angry Woman Get Ahead?" concluded that men who became angry were rewarded, but that angry women were seen as incompetent and unworthy of power in the workplace.