Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss

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With his seat becoming vacant, the state's third Congressional district will hold a special election on November 7.

Supporters react as election results for Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional District seat Karen Handel are shown on a television during an election-night.

The California Democrat has always been a bogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values and a reminder of why even if they may like their individual member or candidate, a vote for that Democrat would be a step toward putting Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

"Look", Goldberg interjected, "I don't think there's anything wrong with the message" of the Democratic Party.

Democrats gambled on peeling affluent, educated GOP voters in the suburban Atlanta district away from Karen Handel, the GOP candidate.

In North Carolina, Republican pollster Paul Shumaker says he has seen internal polling that has warning signs for his state, where Trump prevailed past year.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Watson credited Handel for "crushing liberal dreams". Among Democrats, 49 percent said they view her favorably. So, it was only a matter of time before they started turning on each other.

Said Rice: "The Republican playbook has been very successful". "And it never will be again". The Democrats' unyielding anger could be what keeps them motivated for a year, but could also be what causes their defeat in 2018.

She touts supply side economics, going so far as to say during one debate that she does "not support a living wage" - her way of explaining her opposition to a minimum-wage increase. That means anything passed by the House will have to win support from some Senate Democrats. "That has been the big news: about how Democrats and Republicans shifted nearly totally and instantly with the election of Trump".

Indeed the string of special election wins, especially in Georgia, sent a powerful message to Republicans that they must be doing something right, even though Trump's approval ratings are low by historical standards and the GOP has yet to notch a single major legislative accomplishment on Capitol Hill. "This was a district that hadn't gone Democratic since the '70s, and the strides {Ossoff] made are more proof that there are people coming in and participating [and] making a difference".

President Donald Trump is lashing out at top Democrats on Twitter. As for the share of a state's overall population, New Mexico had the highest percentage of non-white Hispanics at 48.5 percent. The only way to avoid that outcome, they say, is to work with Democrats. Democrats have been chafing in the minority since they were thrust there in 2010 after risky votes in favor of President Barack Obama's initiatives including the Affordable Care Act.

Yet Democrats have consistently fallen short of their own expectations since. Estes got 52.5 percent of the votes over Thompson's 45.7 percent and Rockhold's 1.7 percent, The New York Times reported.

The Congressional Leadership fund raised $6.2 million alone for Handel - about a third of the $18 million Handel's campaign raised from outside political groups. The Republican was expected to win, though the race was closer than anticipated. The problem is that the former just aren't that into voting.

Along the way, Republicans have solidified near-supermajority control of the General Assembly.

"The Democratic Party needs new leadership now".

Tyler Law, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, predicted better luck for his party next year.

Pelosi tried to put the best face on the loss in a closed Wednesday morning caucus with House Democrats. Parnell may have benefited from the lack of national attention on that race, though.

"Republicans will continue to run ads trying to demonize whoever is the Democratic Leader", said Drew Hamill, Pelosi's spokesman.