Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

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Erdoğan rejected accusations that Qatar supported terrorism, arguing that the country had been a staunch opponent of ISIL.

An exception is made for private planes and charter flights to or from Qatar, which require permission to transit through the airspace of the three countries, the statements said. "I think that may be what the Qataris are banking on right now".

The severing of air, sea and land transport links has closed off key import routes for Qatar and its population of around 2.7 million people. Qatar says it denounces terrorism and that the moves to isolate it are politically motivated.

Saudi Arabia is not a signatory to the convention. Doha denies the charges.

Despite a challenging year that included an electronics ban on flights to the U.S., Qatar Airways has just posted record profit of $541 million for the year through March, an increase of almost 22%.

This file photo taken on June 5, 2017 shows a man standing outside the Qatar Airways branch in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Qatar imports mainly from the U.S. and Germany but also from Saudi Arabia.

As a hedge, Qatar hosts some 10,000 American soldiers and the forward headquarters of the USA military's Central Command.

Pakistan, which has close ties with the kingdom but also business ventures in Qatar, has stayed out of the dispute. "It took on much more of an edge in 2011 when they really backed different sides in the Arab Spring".

What's behind Qatar-Gulf freeze?

"Somalia is interested in continuing to sell their livestock to the Emirates and they also want the Qatari money", Weber said.

Despite the standoff, Qatar's gas supplies to Egypt and the UAE have reportedly not been interrupted. "However, he said Qatar has supported Ahrar al-Sham, whose founders are linked to al-Qaida". "Our foreign policy is subject to the sovereignty of our country and is based on our own assessment and our own principles".

Analysts estimate that a political standoff between Qatar and other Arab states will cost the airline heavily.

As part of Qatar's efforts to de-escalate the tension, Qatari delegation today held talks with the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, only a day after Saudi officials paid visit a to Addis Ababa on partly the same mission.