'I could keep you safe'

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New footage has been released that shows Philando Castile's fiancé, Diamond Reynolds, handcuffed in the back of a police auto, her daughter crying and comforting her.

Warning: the video below contains strong language.

Philando Castile of Minnesota was fatally shot by police during a traffic stop on July 6, 2016.

Her daughter is also seen showing enviable strength and courage both pacifying her mother and offering to protect her from being killed.

New information that has surfaced over the disappearance of a Hamilton man who went missing almost four years ago has caused police to make fresh enquries.

"Obviously, no video can show the level of one's fear, which is a purely subjective measure, differing from one person and one situation to the next.That's what makes this case so hard and open to such public debate", according to the Tribune.

"Seeing the little girl and her mother in the back of the squad vehicle, hearing a child's narrative of what occurred, it was really very bad", Dayton said, according to the Tribune.

The trajectory of gunfire is examined during the investigation that followed the fatal shooting of Philando Castile. St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez, 29, was acquitted Friday of manslaughter in Castile's death. They may do that or they may say if it's in another part of the vehicle don't reach in there, just give me your license, where's your proof of insurance. He declined to say whether he thought Yanez acted appropriately, but said the jury sympathizes with the Castile family. In addition to Officer Yanez's acquittal-which was celebrated by a "Blue Lives Matter" Twitter account-state legislatures have passed, or attempted to pass, laws that would make murdering police officers a hate crime. "People watched that video and then voted to acquit?" Because a black man with dreads - what else could he be?

Mr Yanez says he thought Mr Castille was reaching for the gun. A group of students was learning basic handgun safety Wednesday night with Sandra Ticer, who also teachers the handgun carry permit course at the Knoxville Gun Range.

Minneapolis Urban League president Steven Belton said there's much hurt and anger in the community about the verdict.

And because the video of this tragedy - taking place in front of his fiancee's 4-year-old daughter, no less - is so nauseating.

"I wasn't reaching", Mr Castille says softly, as the shots subside.

"Forget race", Noah said.

Yanez testified that Castile ignored his commands not to pull out his gun and he feared for his life.

When the shooting stops, the video shows Yanez standing at the auto window with his gun drawn for some time. Yanez's statements to investigators were broadly consistent with testimony he gave on the stand, though prosecutors tried to show discrepancies. I don't know what that jury heard and saw from the witnesses and attorneys.

Rear-seat camera video released by authorities shows Diamond Reynolds with her daughter in the back of the police squad vehicle.

Officers order Reynolds out of the auto, and she gets out, hands held high. You can protect yourself by carrying a firearm, properly registered; when pulled over for some meaningless infraction - a broken taillight, in this instance - you can speak politely to the officer and warn him that you are carrying a firearm, so that if he sees it he does not overreact; yet when you reach for your driver's license, as ordered by the officer, you can be shot dead and the officer absolved of any wrongdoing. I'm going to take your spot. So we kind of took his word for it, I think.

Then she vows: "I can keep you safe". Isn't being shot for exercising those rights a rather obvious target of righteous outrage?

"I can keep you safe", she tells her mum. Eighteen people were arrested. With a bloody thumb visible, he can not take his uniform off or even wash his hands until he's been photographed thoroughly, according to the documents. If that's not a serious topic of discussion in police stations these days, it certainly should be.

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