Gunman who shot US Congressman had a hit list

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"But you just never know".

Those who knew him around Belleville have said nothing suggested he was capable of the attack on members of Congress, in spite of his often stated, very strong, and well-documented anti-Republican views. "I can't wrap my head around it", Hodgkinson said.

She and her husband broke up shortly after he was spoken to by police for discharging his rifle in their back yard. With the chief deputy of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department by her side, she said she felt "horrible" about the actions of her husband of almost 30 years.

He left her in March, headed to Washington, D.C.

Until past year, when his license expired, Hodgkinson ran a home inspection business.

After the shooting, members of Congress told reporters they viewed the incident as a unsafe and unsettling development. And she wouldn't go into anything about his politics but did add this detail that he sold everything he owned from his businesses.

The shooter, who is known as Tom (his middle name) to his friends and family, was raised in the same IL town where he and his wife resided. There have been protests against President Donald Trump on the main street here.

Hodgkinson said she only learned of the shooting and her husband's involvement when a reporter called to ask her about the events.

His wife, Sue Hodgkinson, spoke publicly on Thursday evening for the first time since the shooting.

But she maintained there was nothing she could have done about it.

Investigators say they've checked Hodgkinson's laptop, cell phone, and a camera found in his van but have found no manifesto, no intent to commit violence, and nothing to indicate he was scouting potential targets. Hodgkinson, who died in return fire from police, was a 66-year-old activist who volunteered with Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

"Something about this guy rubbed ne the wrong way when I was purchasing a home after moving here from Mexico", the reviewer said.

The widow of gunman James Hodgkinson today described his attack as 'horrible, horrible'.

Four people - including Rep. Steve Scalise, the House majority whip from Louisiana, who was shot in the hip - were wounded in the shooting. He has undergone several surgeries and has more ahead.

Sara Robishaw, a server at Junction Bakery and Bistro, said she began noticing him about three weeks ago, sitting on a bench in front of the Walgreens across from her shop. "I just want you all to go away and leave my neighbors in peace". They don't deserve this.

In the immediate aftermath of the Arlington shooting during practice for a Congressional baseball game, little was known about the shooter who took out his political frustrations with bloodshed.