Georgia Elections: Republicans outwit Democrats again

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Another problem with Filipovic's theory: Trump won educated white women over the first major party female nominee in history.

President Donald Trump appeared to celebrate Karen Handel's special-election victory by thanking Fox News for praising him on Tuesday night after Handel was projected the victor in Georgia's 6th Congressional District race.

To note the significance, Handel also shared a story from the campaign trail of meeting a young girl who the Congresswoman-elect said had been following the race. Because Ossoff didn't live in the district, he couldn't even vote for himself.

And although I have made a career out of observing and teaching others about politics, I'm just relieved the race is over. As Norm Ornstein says, "If she left Congress, Republicans would find another target and spend $$$$ with amplification by Fox, Limbaugh, to make a new bogeyman". "It's clear, that I think, across the board in the Democratic Party, we need new leadership". Everyone seemed to know exactly what Atlanta Democrats should have done. The Trump Train is strong, and is getting people out to vote. But gerrymandering is a serious drug. "They have to win where they can, not where they hope to".

And for some, they point to questions about how their leaders, and Pelosi in particular, have fallen short in crafting an economic message that can counter Trump and yield election victories. But they do provide voters with information about the upcoming election, which in turn can drive up turnout.

And Ossoff's 48 percent is a higher mark than Democrats have managed in recent statewide races involving less of a GOP advantage than Atlanta's northern suburbs. Republicans just spent $23 million to keep a congressional district that no Democrat has won in 40 years. You've got to have a charismatic candidate, you've got to promise them things.

"Even if he doesn't hit (50% and win outright) tonight, Ossoff is showing us the path to retaking the House", Fallon wrote.

DeKalb County, the smallest in the district with 101,421 registered voters, is a growing Democratic stronghold.

Oh, you could taste the hunger of both parties for the win in Georgia's 6th district yesterday.

"Ossoff left 10,000 black voters out there." .

So Handel did better than the polls predicted but worse that Republicans generally do in the district.

Democratic pundits will try to distract from the devastating loss they experienced Tuesday, but there is no hiding the fact that the race for Georgia's 6th failed to show much backlash against Trump among the affluent suburbanites who liberals too often assume are moving their way.

Here are five reactions to Handel's victory, with many focusing on her views regarding abortion, as she gained headlines years back for resigning from Susan G. Komen for the Cure after the group reversed its decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Canvassers were threatened and spat on across the 6th District. "And I'm not sure that that's there yet". In November's general election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton netted 46.8% of the vote.

Congratulations to the two newest members of the House, both Republicans: Karen Handel from Georgia and Ralph Norman from SC. What was the difference? That nets out seat regained out of more than 1,000 lost by Democrats under President Obama. "There will be 435 Congressional races on the ballot in 2018".

A lot of people think The Flippening is inevitable. Yes, Democrats will point out that they didn't need this one; there are quite a few targets that lean less strongly to Republicans.

Mr Ossoff certainly went for the latter. But they are divided over how much top-line spending should be appropriated next year, including for a military build-up that Trump wants. You go back to OH, they're not talking about Russian Federation.