George informs Pacers he will leave in 2018

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The Cavaliers are devoid of the kind of young players and future picks that IN might want IN return for George, and George has never mentioned the Cavaliers as an intriguing destination.

Paul George might be demanding a trade now, so the Pacers will find a suitable spot to move him later on.

Now, it's important to distinguish between discussing a trade in theory and seriously getting down to brass tacks.

The most recent reports indicate the Lakers' offer is that of Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle plus the 27th and 28th picks of the draft.

Whether this is a tactic by Kevin Pritchard to create pressure on the Los Angeles Lakers or any other team is hard to say, but real or not, it gives the impression there is still a market of some sort for Indiana.

After a glance at the Wizards roster, I don't see how the Wizards could acquire George without sending dealing Porter to the Pacers or elsewhere.

National Basketball Association player Paul George has announced that he will be leaving Indiana Pacers and will be a free agent next year.

It has been almost 4 months of speculation and hearsay regarding Paul George's impending free agency plans for 2018.

If they don't secure Paul George, chances are they'll try their luck with LeBron James next summer. The team acquired a third first-rounder which was likely to be used in a George trade.

With the cap lower, obtaining George's Bird Rights becomes more valuable, especially if the Lakers plan is to have room for two high-level salaries next summer.

Cleveland on the other hand is going to be making changes and they might be the only trade option if the Los Angeles Lakers decide to hold off for now. But the Cavaliers have walked out on that limb before, trading No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota in 2014 so they could land All-Star Kevin Love, another player many thought was destined to head to California when he became a free agent. Despite the lack of leverage in potential trade talks, the Pacers have refused to come to terms with interested suitors.

Over the weekend, George told the Pacers that he will not re-sign with IN after next season.

However, if the Lakers trade for George, they will lose some assets to build around him, only further stripping down a team that lacks talent. "If we would have known this a few months ago, I think we could have been more prepared". Maybe this is the reason why they are trusting him with such an important role when George is officially gone.

The Pacers could send George to Los Angeles and end their misery early.