Dwyane Wade opts in for 2nd year with Bulls

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As for Wade, he's going to take the money, Jimmy or no Jimmy.

In order for Butler to play for any other team besides the Bulls, Chicago wants more than a sack of basketballs to say the least. If Cleveland makes a trade with Chicago and James leaves in a year, all hope won't be lost for the Cavs' next few seasons, as was the case seven years ago.

Jimmy Butler choosing to remain with the Chicago Bulls over the Cleveland Cavaliers does not necessarily mean he would not be enticed by another offer.

George has been widely expected since the All-Star break in February to do anything he can to land with the Lakers in the summer of 2018, while Butler could become a free agent as early as July 2019. In July 2015 he renewed for five seasons with the Bulls and a total of 95 million dollars.

Here's a look at the latest rumors involving three of the NBA's biggest names. The franchise's all-time leading scorer left after turning down a two-year $40 million offer. Even though his stats were pretty good, especially for his age, Wade is still in a steady decline and paying him long term would be a mistake. The former Miami Heat star had until June 27 to inform the team. The Bulls already have a pass-first, non-shooting point guard on their roster in Rajon Rondo. He criticized his teammates and formed an alliance with Butler that at times had the two isolated from the rest of the team. He had the best year of his career in 2016-17, averaging 23.9 points and 5.5 assists in 37 minutes. There were reports that James was surprised and disappointed about Gilbert's decision not to give Griffin a contract extension. But following the season Wade reportedly told Bulls management he had no interest in being a part of a team that is rebuilding.

Like sharks smelling blood, teams are circling the Bulls, ready to feast on the leaguewide perception that Jimmy Butler is available for the right price.

Paired up with Wade, Butler had another dominant season past year, averaging 23.9 points and 6.2 rebounds per game as he made yet another All-Star Game appearance for the team.

A new report claims that Chicago Bulls superstar Jimmy Butler "would push his front office" to execute a potential trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the report, one league executive said "it's either Boston or Cleveland but he is going".