Discontent Among Democrats Over Pelosi Leadership

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Ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if she'll survive in her post as the top Democrat in the House of Representatives despite renewed criticism this week, and the San Francisco representative won't blink.

Since 1990, she's raised more than $9.2 million for party candidates, including $739,000 in the 2016 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks contributions from candidate committees and affiliated PACs. She referenced that the GOP spent millions of dollars promoting House Speaker Paul Ryan since he was on the 2012 ticket as the vice presidential ticket and "I have a hundred million or so spent against me and his numbers are no better than mine".

Representative Kathleen Rice of NY echoed these sentiments in calling for Pelosi and the entire Democratic leadership team to be replaced. And all the focus on whether Nancy Pelosi should stay or go as House minority leader seems largely beside the point.

A dozen House Democrats huddled in the office of New York Rep. Kathleen Rice - an outspoken Pelosi critic - on Thursday afternoon, among them Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

"As we sit here, they're running caricatures of me in Georgia", Pelosi said.

Pelosi also responded to President Donald Trump's tweet that ousting her "would be very bad for the Republican Party".

In a press conference Thursday, Pelosi said she's proud of the unity within her party and the leverage it has given her in various negotiations.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Lujan predicted Wednesday that his party would win back the House, arguing that there are over 70 districts that are more competitive for Democrats than the one in Georgia, even though party officials had pointed to the suburban Atlanta 6th as representative of the ones they need to win.

Do Democrats have a bigger problem than their leadership? His 2015-16 giving was well behind Pelosi previous year, at $592,500.

It's emblematic of the one campaign skill that Republicans have consistently mastered - demonizing their political opponents.

"On immigration, for instance, public opinion had actually become modestly more liberal in the years leading up to Trump - but the Democrats are now nearly an open-borders party, so even modest skepticism about immigration tends to push voters toward the Republicans".

By focusing on local issues and the local implications and attaching a vote for Ossoff to Pelosi was enough to sway even moderate Republicans to vote for the GOP candidate over the Democrat, despite their dislike of Trump. Democrats may say the race should not have been that close, but the reality is spending that much money to drive out 100 percent of Democrats plus some anti-Trump Republicans cost them $30 million they now can not spend elsewhere. She was then elected and served as Georgia's secretary of state from 2007 to 2010. "I think she's the most capable leader that we have and I can't imagine anyone else who could do such an important job and do it so well". Pelosi's PAC gave $496,000. Pelosi told fellow House Democrats in a letter Wednesday, "The House was in play before the Georgia race". Simply by being Nancy Pelosi and living in a place that has become a symbolic battering ram for attacking liberals, she's become a liability.

As long as the Democrats want to keep her at the top, I say to them, "Go for it". Ultimately, Pelosi still got support from about two-thirds of the caucus, though the 63 votes Ryan garnered were the most serious defection Pelosi has ever faced. "It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party", he said.