Daughter from 'The Cosby Show' stands by comedian at trial

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"The next is the testimony of the corroborative witness and the third is Mr. Cosby's deposition testimony".

Graphic details were revealed when the transcript of the original case was opened, which Cosby admitted to giving Constand drugs so that he could have sex with her.

"As she went in and out of consciousness, she witnessed her body being used to sexually gratify the defendant", Feden said. She can't talk. She is completely paralyzed, frozen.

Charged with aggravated indecent assault, Cosby has denied her claims that he drugged and sexually assaulted her as she visited his Cheltenham mansion in 2004. "It's really not my place to speak on that", she said.

Prosecutors are trying to show Cosby's treatment of Constand fit a pattern of predatory behavior.

In 2005, prosecutors had decided not to file criminal charges against Cosby after Constand had filed a civil suit which was settled the following year, according to court documents.

Mentioning the huge success of The Cosby Show and its creator and how she related to the fictional Huxtables at the show's center, Johnson testified she "had the utmost respect for [Cosby] and the highest regard" when it came to the actor. She could see a bottle of lotion on a nightstand by the bed, she said, and Cosby took her lotioned hand and placed it on his penis. "My breasts were out, and I felt naked, but the dress wasn't off of me".

Cosby's lawyer argued that Johnson was seeking a payout from the TV star. He also pointed out that it took Constand a year to come forward with her claims.

"I just want to be very specific about the wonderful people of Allegheny County", he said.

Cosby arrived at the courthouse in the morning carrying a wooden cane and holding his spokesman's arm for support as he walked past dozens of cameras. His current wife, Camille Cosby, was noticeably absent from the proceedings.

"This is a historic day", she told reporters outside the courtroom.

He said Cosby offered Ms Constand pills because she said she couldn't sleep but that no assault occurred.

In the imposing court in Norristown, just outside Philadelphia, a 12-person jury, two of whom are African Americans, will determine Cosby's guilt or innocence in a trial expected to last two weeks. "It's not mine or anyone else's".

Cosby, 79, was a beloved entertainer known for his family-friendly brand of comedy. Ten are white and two are black. "This is a case about a man, who used his power and fame and his previously practiced method of placing young, trusting women in an incapacitated state, so that he could sexually pleasure himself".

McMonagle referred to what he called police's "exhaustive investigation", which initially ended with former District Attorney Bruce Castor's decision not to prosecute.

Most of those assaults are alleged to have happened decades ago, and the women were unable to pursue criminal charges because the statutes of limitations in their cases had run out.

But, he had to be reminded that this is the Justice System and the Justice System doesn't play favors because of someone's celebrity or because they've grown a bit old.

"You know, ultimately, they're just that, allegations", she continued.

"I gave her the pills, she took them, we laid on the couch like we had done time and time again".

The statute of limitations for prosecuting Cosby had run out in almost every case.

"She knows she has the truth on her side", one source said.

An earlier story appears below. If convicted, Cosby could face up to 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors had sought to include testimony from 13 other accusers, but O'Neill ruled that would be too prejudicial. Several months later, Johnson said she was terminated from William Morris.

Johnson says she was afraid to lodge an accusation against the agency's biggest client and one of the world's biggest stars. She said that Constand, now 44, left the next morning upset. McMonagle questioned her reported timeline, supposed inconsistencies with a deposition she gave in 1996, and her claim that she was not using drugs at the time of the incident.

She said Cosby gave her three blue pills which made her legs feel "like jelly" and that he then began to touch her inappropriately.

While recounting the alleged incident, Johnson broke down in tears.

She says that whatever he gave her left her so incapacitated she couldn't speak or move while Cosby was "fondling her breasts, put his hand in her trousers... penetrated her vagina with his fingers" and "took her right hand and placed it on his penis", according to the arrest affidavit.