Capitol police heroes saved the day, preventing congressional massacre

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And I have a feeling that Steve has made a great sacrifice, but there could be some unity being brought to our country. The president said Thursday morning that Scalise's condition was more dire than some initially thought, and he asked for prayers. Officer Griner U.S. Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner was shot in the ankle but is in good condition, according to U.S. Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa. Mika was "shot multiple times in his chest and arm and suffered massive trauma" and now "requires assistance to breathe and will need additional surgeries".

Two members of Scalise's Capitol Police security detail were wounded as they exchanged fire with the gunman, in what lawmakers described as several chaotic, terror-filled minutes that turned the baseball practice into an early-morning nightmare. The bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding.

Law enforcement authorities identified him as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois, a suburb of Saint Louis.

Later, the crowd burst into applause as Capitol Police Officer David Bailey - who was injured as he pursued the shooter - hobbled to the mound on crutches and tossed the ceremonial first pitch. Hodgkinson rarely joined in the political discussions often set off by the television in the room and never showed any signs that he was troubled, Euille said.

The shooting has provoked a wave of emotion on Capitol Hill, with Trump calling for unity, and lawmakers expressing concern over a possible rise in verbal or physical violence in the aftermath of a vitriol-filled 2016 election. He called for replacing "the attacks of hateful personal politics and resistance" with respect.

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said in a brief interview that Democrats would be reminded of "positions they've taken in the past that are not consistent with their voice for bipartisanship today". But conservatives say they are under physical threat too. "How dare they?" Pelosi exclaimed. "It is not surprising to hear of her heroism and bravery during this frightful attack".

The House majority whip, 51, is a five-term Republican from Louisiana.

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not officially identified a motive for the angry, politically alienated shooter - who creepily seems to have moved to the Washington, D.C., area shortly after being upbraided by police in his IL hometown for doing target practice too close to his neighbors' homes - it's plausible to infer that his wicked, twisted attack was politically motivated.

The FBI said it appeared Hodgkinson had arrived in the area in March and had been living out of a white van near the field.

The man's apparent Facebook page included strong criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration.

Wednesday's shooting took place just after 7:00 am (1100 GMT) as the Republican team practiced for the charity showdown. Scalise was hit, and crawled out of the infield, leaving a trail of blood, colleagues said. Wednesday, during moments of exceptional horror, these two Capitol Police special agents stepped up to do their jobs with incredible bravery and effectiveness.

"The problem is that he's got a rifle and they've got handguns, and it's not a fair fight at that point in time", Bishop said.

"This shooting is an attack on all who serve and on all who participate in our democracy", said former Rep.

"I would like to see the president stay off of Twitter", Republican Senator John Thune told MSNBC, adding that lawmakers had to do their part to tone down comments and work with the opposing party. The last time a lawmaker was shot was when Democratic Rep.