Can Microsoft's Xbox One X Take on Sony's PS4?

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Despite great game output, many fans still note that the hardware is lacking triple-A, first-party titles.

Games created for the Xbox One consoles perform as they are meant to, and will do so for its newest version. Rumors suggest that Sony is also preparing the next-generation console, possibly dubbed the PlayStation 5, to take on the Xbox One X. According to the rumor mill, the Japan-based electronics giant will launch the PlayStation 5 or simply PS5 sometime in 2018.

( Microsoft at E3 2017 announced Xbox One X gaming console, previously known as Xbox One Scorpio and Project Scorpio. What's more - it looks like Xbox One X is better than Microsoft's arch rival Sony PS4 Pro for developers!

Meanwhile, even if the company claims Xbox One X to be one of the most competitive gaming platforms, Ybarra would not go as far as saying it can replace PC gaming. He said that this console will have a good market and that Microsoft is excited to see who are going to buy this new console, which will be available on November 7. With 326GB/sec memory bandwidth, game graphics, Microsoft claims, will be faster and more detailed. I don't understand how they ... it's like a high-end PC crammed into this tiny little box. A year ago at E3, the company appeared to indicate that its next console would support virtual reality and, in fact, even hook up to high-end headsets. It's packed with impressive technical specs: triple the memory of the Xbox One S console Microsoft released a year ago, graphics that top the PlayStation Pro, a terabyte of storage.

The E3 2017 is over, giving video games a big new push especially to the Nintendo Switch. And that's where we started with Xbox One X. It will be crowned the world's most powerful gaming console - and that is a statement to behold within the gaming community. The game has over 30 million active players, and it is heavyweight in the competitive eSports arena.

There are two primary reasons that Spencer cites for this. The trick to understanding the Xbox One X is to wrap your head around the fact that it's part of a lineup. HDR support is present in both, Sony and Microsoft consoles.