BioWare's New IP Called Anthem, Trailer Released

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During Microsoft's press conference at E3 2017, we got an in-depth look at what the gameplay has in store. We got out first look at the game, which looks phenomenal, and some other details about Anthem.

The world looks incredibly detailed and unthinkably vast; the trailer shows players zooming around a forest before driving into a river and seeing how absurdly deep the water trench below is. Andromeda suffered from underwhelming reviews and sales due to faulty mechanics and lackluster story; Anthem just might put them back on track. The game is poised to have a gameplay reveal later today at the Microsoft Press Conference, which should clarify what exactly the soldiers are fighting wiyth their jetpack-powered exosuits.

Players will play a "Freelancer" venturing out of the wall protecting humanity, and armed with a powerful Exosuit named "Javelin".

"Anthem" is notable for being the long-awaited next intellectual property from Canadian game maker BioWare, which has created a number of acclaimed action and role-playing games over the years.

You can check out the Anthem announcement trailer below... BioWare's Anthem showed some promise as far as graphics and visual effects were concerned, but the gameplay itself is another ho-hum shooter designed in a similar vein to The Division or Destiny. "The world of Anthem is hostile, and threats can come from any direction", Warner said. One thing we do know is Xbox One isn't getting a swanky gold or silver model, so Sony still wins this round.

That means that the cheapest bundle, the $249 Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle, will fall to a more palatable $199.